Skyrim: Where to Find Arvak’s Skull

Skyrim find Avrak's Skull

Skyrim find Avrak’s Skull: As part of Skyrim Special Edition, players will be able to access all three of DLC’s major game packs. This means that the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLC packages are all included in the basic game purchase. While cutting Dawnguard’s vampiric story, it will take time for the players to find themselves trapped in Soul Cairn.

Unlike all other untouchable souls, Dragonborn will eventually be able to figure out a way out, but not before making a few good, classic questions first. One of these requirements applies to the player by finding and acquiring Skyrim find Avrak’s Skull, but this can be deceptive.

Arvak is a horse with bones that players have ever seen running during their time in the soul of Skyrim Cairn. His former owner explained to Dragonborn the situation when they entered Soul Cairn asking them to return him. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as catching a fast-moving chariot, as players will have to Skyrim find Avrak’s Skull.

Skyrim find Avrak's Skull

 Skyrim find Avrak’s Skull

The first step in Skyrim find Avrak’s Skulll is to follow the main search mark until you come across a large castle-like castle. Soul Cairn is big, and a lot of it looks the same, so it’s very easy to get lost here. Therefore, it is important to keep one’s intelligence about them and use the available search tags to help guide when a player turns. Once you get to the castle, turn right and run outside the main castle.

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After hiking the hill here, players have to see the bright lights in the distance. Get closer to these to find the power of a well-ventilated soul. From here, some light can be seen. Head towards the second light and the players will eventually find a building with many enemies around it. In the middle of the building is Arvak’s skull, but players will need to defeat Mistman’s enemies here to Skyrim find Avrak’s Skull. Happily, these enemies are weak compared to Dawnguard’s most difficult new enemies, so getting rid of them should not be a problem for many.

Skyrim find Avrak's Skull

After discovering Skyrim find Avrak’s Skull, players can mark the search and follow the mark back to its previous owner. Give a skull to this soul and you will teach Dragonborn the spell of Summon Arvak, allowing them to call Arvak like a horse whenever they like. This can be done even outside of Soul Cairn, which means the players have an amazing new mountain to show off as they ride without using Skyrim’s Creation Club mods.

Use this guide to find Skyrim find Avrak’s Skull, until then happy gaming.