Easy Guide to Unlock The Liurnia of Lakes Divine Tower in Elden Ring

If you want to unlock The Liurnia of Lakes Divine Tower in Elden Ring, then you are on a right place.


Greetings gamers, we hope you’re enjoying our content. We are back with another blog in which we will talk about the ways players can unlock the Liurnia of the Lakes Divine Tower. Players can reach the Divine Tower at Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring once they finish an NCP quest and have gathered the Inverted Carian Statue. You may also like to read more on defeating Erdtree Burial Watchdog.

Elden Ring, Liurnia of the Lakes Divine Tower:

As we have seen in the game that Liurnia of the Lakes Divine Tower can’t be accessed by players if they haven’t completed the quest for Ranni the Witch. To get access to the Divine Tower, players have to search for Ranni’s Rise which is located in the Three Sisters subregion, and will have to speak to the NPC to begin her quest.

How to Obtain the Inverted Carian Statue:

At first, players need to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Redmane Castle and have to gain access to Nokron in order to complete Ranni’s questline in the game. Players can find the Fingerslayer Blade in the populated region of Nokron. Players can return at Ranni once they have gathered the finger slayer blade. Then they can return her the treasure she was searching for. After that, the Inverted Carian Statue could be handed over to her.

elden-ring-network-test-code-1 Players can move towards Carian Study Hall at the other end of the bridge which leads to the Divine Tower while holding the inverted Carian Statue. Players need to place the Inverted Carian Statue on the pedestral once they are inside. This will make the whole area upside down. There’s an elevator that will take to the Liurnia of the Lakes Divine Tower in the middle.

Elden Ring How to Unlock The Liurnia of the Lakes Divine Tower


So we have seen in this blog about the procedure of how players can obtain the Inverted Carian Statue. In the end, the elevator will stop at the top of Liurnia in the game. After which they can roam in the tower.