Valheim: 3 Important and useful food combos!


Valheim presents a vast world filled with difficulties and challenges to the player. The game is based on Norse mythology and has several bosses that players will have to fight in order to progress further. But of the more important feature in this Viking sandbox is its survival aspect. It is quite difficult to survive in the world of Valheim without proper knowledge and information. It is quite a usual scene for new players to die numerous times in the game at the start.

Food in Valheim

Valheim offers so many tasks to do like finding things, crafting weapons and armours, building and structuring base and furniture, farm crops, breed animals, etc. The most salient feature of the popular survival games is also to be found in here. The maintenance of health point, hunger and hydration, cold, etc. are very important as well. In various instances, food always comes handy and resolve most of the issues regarding health and stamina, which can be very vital during combat and normal survival.

Here are some of the important food combos that are useful in certain scenarios:

1. Cooked Meat

During early gameplay, normal survival is very important before you can progress further. Cooked meat is the best food that you can have during this time as it grants 40 HP and 30 Stamina, as well as boosts 2 HP per tick. You will find many animals to hunt and cook the obtained meat.

You will also encounter the first boss, Eikthyr, fight in the early stage of the game. It is recommended to keep food with you to heal you and provide HP and stamina during combat. Cooked meat and raspberries are a good option to keep in handy.

2. Lox Meat Pie

It is another great choice of food to keep with you in times of need. Lox Meat Pie grants 80 HP and 80 Stamina with a healing speed of 4 HP per tick. This food combo has the highest base stats among any other food in the game. You would need 4 Barley flour, 2 Cloudberries and 2 Cooked lox meat to prepare this dish.

3. Blood Pudding

Blood pudding is another favourable and useful food combo to have on you as it grants more HP and compensates in the stamina region. It grants player 90 HP and 50 Stamina and has a healing rate of 4 HP per tick. You can prefer this over lox meat pie if your HP is your main concern and stamina is secondary. To prepare Blood pudding, you need 2 Thistle, 2 blood bag and 4 barley flour.


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