Valheim Console Cheats- Explained!


The latest Viking survival craft video game, Valheim, has made history by selling nearly 4 million copies within its three weeks of early-access release. If we go back to the first reveal trailer of the game, we will find many things and among them ‘You Died’ is the most consistent one to flash on the screen. The game is hard with its difficulty scale and players often die by the calamities the world of Valheim offers, both living and nonliving. But sometimes, you just need a shortcut to achieve happiness in the game after dying multiple times to basic things (we don’t judge, everyone has their reasons). 

Especially when you play Valheim in single-player which tends to make the game feel more difficult. Valheim is preferably a multiplayer title as playing with more people offers many advantages in certain scenarios. But in single-player mode, you would want all the help you can get sometimes as some situation may call for. Most games have console and cheat command features that enable certain perks in the game which are very helpful. These cheat commands may offer features like infinite health, spawning loots, etc.

How to Enable Console and Use Cheat Commands in Valheim

To enable the console, where you can type in cheats commands, you would need to press ‘F5’ while running the game. In console commands, you can type many useful commands for the game and need to activate cheats by typing ‘imacheater’. This will enable the execution of cheat commands on entering it. Also, make sure to use these commands only in single-player mode as doing so in multiplayer mode will not work as intended.

Some useful cheat commands
  • spawn [item] [quantity] [level] – This command will let you spawn a series of items in front of you and you can even specify its quantity and level of the item while spawning. For example, if you type ‘spawn silver 50’, the game will spawn 50 units of silver for you. There are many things to spawn in the game through this command, we recommend you to try some yourselves to find out.
  •  god – This command will enable God mode with infinite health and you won’t take any damage from nature or its livings.
  • killall – If you are surrounded by high tier enemies, and they outnumber you in every way, use this command to element each of them with a fixed diameter.
  • debugmode – This will let you clip through the game where typing ‘Z’ will let you freefly, typing ‘K’ kills all nearby enemies and ‘B’ repairs any items without a nearby workbench.
  • sleep – Skips forward time by one day.
  • save – This will force the game to save the progress



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