Valheim: Easy Guide to Get the New VR Mod!


Valheim’s been out under Early-Access for nearly two months now and it has managed to sell nearly six million copies on Steam. The Norse mythology influenced Viking Survival craft game is so great that the players can’t get enough of the game. There’s so much to do, find, explore, craft, build, defeat, tame, etc! It just never ends and Valheim also supports 2-10 multiplayer Co-Op making it ten times more fun with friends.

If you have followed the growth and evolution of the game with us on our page, you would know how much we love and praise the game. There’s a lot of added features in the game and room for much more. But as an early access release, new big additions yet to be introduced before the game is fully released. However, till the time being, we have various mods fulfilling such desires partially.

Mods for Valheim has been out as long as the game has been, there are sources stating the existence of Valheim mods dated back to its closed beta days! We have also covered some of them on our page, like the First Person Perspective Mod and the HD Textures Mod for Valheim. Both of them added so much of a different perspective to the game that made all of us invested in the Valheim Mods.

The Valheim VR Mod

Today, we will talk about one of such new Mods that has surfaced on the internet. It is the VR Mod for Valheim. This incredible idea was put into existence through works by Brandon Mousseau (manicmoose99). The Mod is named the VHVR (possibly stands for Valheim Virtual Reality) and is currently in beta but works pretty well.

How to get the VHVR Mod?

The steps are easy and the very first thing you would need to do is to navigate to NexusMods and go through the detailed instructions provided by the Mod creator. Just follow those easy steps and you will be good to go. You can just click here and it will redirect you to the official VHVR Mod Page.

Valheim Bug

More about the VHVR Mod

This VR mod for Valheim is designed for seated play while using the native Keyboard and Mouse setup. It currently has FPP and lacks TPP. You can also use this Mod to play multiplayer, despite any necessities of your friends using the same Mod or not. It is recommended to turn off Anti-Aliasing, Bloom and Motion blur while using the Mod. According to the developer, Motion control support is in the making as we speak.

Mods are not entirely perfect and it may crash a bit as they make the game plays in a different way than it is not supposed to. So just have an open mind and enjoy a brand new way to play the widely favourite Survival game, Valheim in VR and it will surprise you like the HD texture and FPP Mod did, and even more

Vulkan in Valheim


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