Valheim: Easy Guide to the Mistlands Biome [Early-Access]

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Valheim is a Norse mythology-based survival craft video game, based on Viking’s afterlife in a purgatory. The game has been released under Early-access on steam and is now one of the most successful and ever-growing video games out there. It has managed to sell around 6 million copies in just 2 months. The Game’s unique approach to the survival genre is what makes it stand out and popular among the others.

Valheim’s map is huge and diverse which is said to have a total of nine different biomes. Valheim’s map, as mentioned earlier, is vast in size and even though it is not infinite it does require a lot of work to roam around every single chunk of land. In Valheim’s Early-access release, only six of the nine biomes are available and fully developed. They are the Meadows, The Black Forest, Swamp, Mountain, Plains and the Ocean.

The other three in the unfinished list are Mistlands, Ashlands and Deep North. Even though they are unfinished, they can be found on the map with their subtle distinctive features. Last week we talked about the Ashlands biome and everything you can expect from it in its current state. This time, we will shed some light on the Mistlands Biome.

What is the Mistlands Biome in Valheim?

One of the three diverse and unfinished biomes is the Mistlands biome and we have a lot to talk about. Each game in Valheim is set on different seeds, which are auto-generated or is manually inputted. This means that every world in Valheim may differ from player to player so there’s no specific location for said areas as they will surely differ even so slightest between each other’s world.

The Mistlands biome is a mysterious themed biome in Valheim. As it seems, it is surrounded by a foggy atmosphere with long and dense trees, cobwebs, making a gloomy forest. You can feel the uncertainty and danger from a distance and once it is developed, it should be a pretty dangerous place to roam around.


How to find the Mistlands Biome?

‘Like every other biome, there are semi-specific locations where they must spawn. In this case, the Mistlands biomes tend to spawn near the Centre and the edge of the map. Take a longboat and a crew or sail alone through the ocean waters and venture into the areas, you will spot the biome easily as it is filled with foggy and gloomy atmosphere, surrounded by huge trees, has low light as the sunlight doesn’t penetrate the woods. Also, Cobwebs, If you find some then you will know the deal is sealed.

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There are no major bosses or creatures or essential resources on the biome but they are soon to be added after the biome is fully developed. Out of the three, Mistlands is likely the biome that the developers are thinking to put out first. 


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