Valheim: Easy Guide to play PvP Chess [MOD]


Valheim is a Norse mythology influenced Viking Survival craft game. There’s so much to do, find, explore, craft, fight, tame, etc. Valheim also supports 2-10 multiplayer Co-Op which makes it more enjoyable. Valheim has a lot of great features and even for an early-access release, it has so much potential for further improvements and additions. The game has always been focused on its PvE as an aspect with its 2-8 players Co-Op endorsement. 

However, with this mod, players can have the fun of the PvP phenomenon of the game in a much simpler way than even Odin might like.

The Civilized Duels Mod

This brand new mod is created by DickDangerJustice ( @ DickDangerJustice) and is available on NexusMods. The Mod is titled ‘Civilized Duels’ and it delivers what it promises, i.e. lets you have a one-on-one Chess duel with your fellow members on the server. This mod adds a slapping fish, which will indeed work as a weapon, which can be built at any of the game’s basic workstation. This lets players have a chess duel to the death in their browser.

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For this chess duel to commence, both players need to have PvP enabled and the Mod shall be running on the server. Once the duel is engaged, Valheim instantly minimizes and a game of chess launches in the player’s internet browser. Once the game finishes and a winner is decided, the game quickly reverts up where the loser falls to their death as a result.

How to download & install this MOD

Just head down to NexusMods or click this link and it will directly take you to the MOD page. Download the MOD files and install them by putting the folders from this downloaded archive into the game’s folder. The HookGenPatcher and Jotunn the Valheim Library should be installed beforehand as they are required for this mod to work.

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More about the Civilized Duels Mod

The means of violence may not be the answer always and this Mod allows the Vikings to win with the help of their wit and strategies. Chess is a beautiful way to settle doubts and duels are best settled in this alternative way without any bloodshed, except for the last past where the loser dies in-game.

This Mod is highly experimental and may crash or suffer other bugs so be patient and work around it as it shall be fixed soon. If at any point players get stuck in the chess duel mode then press ‘P’ as it will revert you to the game. It works as the hotkey to cancel the mode and using it will cause you to lose and eventually die in the game.



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