Valheim: Easy way to unlock and craft needle arrows!


Valheim features tons of different aspects of the survival craft genre of the game. Valheim is made of two important elements and they are surviving and fighting in the mythical Norse mythology-based world. To survive and fight the giant and powerful bosses in the game, one would need some top tier armour and weapons on them during combat. Valheim offers many types of armours and weapon choices and of them all, the bow and arrows are best for long-range combat.

There are actually many different types of arrows in the game, each having different characteristics and usage. To mention, there are two categories if arrow types, i)Basic Arrows and ii) Elemental arrows. Today we are going to talk about needle arrows which is a part of the first category.

What is a needle arrow and how to unlock it?

A needle arrow is just what its name suggests it to be, an arrow made of needles. It is technically better than the basic ones in the terms of damage piercing for long-range purposes. In order to craft one for yourself in Valheim, you would first need to unlock it. Its recipe will be automatically obtained after you unlock the needle in the game by defeating Deathquitos.

Deathquitos can be found in the plains biome and they can be easily defeated with the help of a bow and arrows in a long-range battle. It is highly recommended that the player must engage in combat with high-level weapon and armour acquired. On defeating Deathquitos, it will drop two items to the player as a reward. These are 4 needles and 2 feathers. On acquiring the needles, you will automatically unlock the recipe of making a needle arrow.

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How to craft needle arrows?

It is important to note that the process of crafting needle arrows needs a level 4 Workbench and without it, there won’t be any yield. Use the level 4 workbench to craft a batch of needle arrows with these components:

  • 4 Needles
  • 2 Feathers

This would craft a batch of needle arrows consisting of 20.


Importance of needle arrows in Valheim

Different arrows, in Valheim, has a different set of characteristics. Needle arrows are more preferable as they deal significant damage to the enemies in long-range combat and that too immediately.

  • Piercing Damage- 62
  • Knockback- 15


We hope this has been helpful to you and if you need a guide on how to unlock and craft each arrow in the game, do let us know in the comments. Be sure to follow us for more exciting gaming guides, How To(s), Tips & Tricks, etc.