Guide to Valheim: Easy way to find Ooze, Obsidian and Freeze Gland!


We have talked about Valheim a lot on our page and it should be clear how much we love the game. The Viking adventure survival craft game is amazing at all bounds and it offers a lot of activities that players can do or look for that anyone can hardly be bored with. In a recent article, we explained everything you need to know about ‘Elemental Arrows’ in the game. Some of the components that are required to craft some of such arrows are not easy to find, like Ooze, Obsidian and Freeze Gland.

We will talk about each of these items, their usage and where can you find them in Valheim!

What is Ooze and where to find it?

Ooze is a rotten and pungent-smelling collectable item in Valheim. This is used while making two vital items in the game, they are Poison Arrow and Ooze bomb. Both of these are types of weapons that utilize Ooze’s poison ability to deal damage to enemies.

You can find Ooze as a dropped reward on defeating the Blob, a large, greenish, slime-like monster that is found in the Swamp biome. The second way you can get it is as a dropped reward by defeating Oozers. Oozers are said to be the reformed version of Blobs and they share similar characteristics except it is brown in colour.


What is Obsidian and where to find it?

Obsidian is a type of metal that can be found in Valheim. It is dark in colour and can be obtained through mining. Obsidian is required in crafting Poison, Frost and Obsidian arrows. It also unlocks the ‘tool shelf’ upgrade for the workbench.

As mentioned earlier, obsidian can be acquired by mining. It requires an iron pickaxe for mining and can be found in deposits along with the mountain biome.

Obsidian deposit

What is Freeze Gland and where to find it?

A freeze gland is a certain type of material that is hard and strong in composure. This is a mysterious organ that maintains a proper cold temperature that makes it vital in using it as a weapon. This is required in crafting Frost arrows and Frostner club.

The freeze gland, as its names suggest, is a gland of a living organ. This can be obtained after defeating Drakes who drops these after dying along with the Drake trophy.


These are the items required in crafting crucial elemental arrows and some other vital components in Valheim. Be sure to have some in your inventory while you have the chance. Be sure to follow us for more Valheim Guides, How to(s), Tips & tricks, etc.