Valheim- Easy Way to Spawn Cars In-Game [MOD]

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Valheim is a Norse mythology influenced Viking Survival craft game. There’s so much to do, find, explore, craft, fight, tame, etc. Valheim also supports 2-10 multiplayer Co-Op which makes it more enjoyable. While the original game intends players to play in the shoes of a fallen Viking but walking while maintaining stamina doesn’t always help.

Valheim has a lot of great features, which our statement above proves, but one thing it lacks is mobility machines. I mean sure, you can paddle your floating vessels or run on foot but there’s so far you can go without thinking of having the thought of ‘a car would have been fun’. This is where the new mod comes in place that will let players spawn vehicles anywhere on the vast map (and yes they are drive-able).

The Valheim Drivable Vehicle Mod

This brand new mod is created by Dropoff (@Drop0ff) and is available on NexusMods. The Mod is titled ‘Drivable Vehicle Mod’ and it delivers what it promises, i.e. spawn vehicles to drive. Now for a theme-based game like Valheim, one would think of a horse or a cow-driven cart but this is a Mod we are talking about and a blue car with eight wheels is another great offering.

What this mod does is allow players to spawn a drive-able vehicle on the map. Each player can spawn 1 vehicle while other players can sit on the available passenger seats. One thing to mention here is that the player who has spawned in the car will be the one who can drive it. 

This MOD also works online so you and your friends can enjoy it in multiplayer and travel around Valheim’s map with their new whip. These cars can be destroyed with hammer blows.


How to download & install this MOD

Just head down to NexusMods or click this link and it will directly take you to the MOD page. Download the MOD file and make sure to have the BepInExPack as it is required to have. Now to install, put 2 folders from this downloaded archive into the game’s folder. The BepInExPack Valheim should be installed before hand. 

More about the Drivable Vehicle Mod

For now, it seems to have a short selection of vehicles but more variety and upgrades to this MOD will come in the future. A great way to have fun in Valheim with friends and explore the vast map of Valheim.

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