Valheim: How to Tame Lox

They are not particularly useful, but good to have around


Valheim requires you to establish your domain in the 10th Norse world, and prove yourself to the all-father. For your settlement, it is always a good idea to keep some good breed of animals in your yard. رهان (فيلم هندي) They are a good supply of natural resources, as well as something fuzzy to enjoy looking at once in a while.

The Lox of Valheim provides no tangible benefit, but they are extremely cute (don’t judge me, they look far better than most of the animals in the game). If it’s there, you tame it. They are large, fuzzy, rhinoceros-like animals that roam the Plains biome. So if you are wondering how to make it angry, then just go and stand near any one of them, and it will start attacking you. اوراق الكوتشينة They can even attack you while in the water. بطاقة أمريكان مسبقة الدفع

But, one advantage is that these guys possess the worst vision and hearing abilities out of any animal in the game. All-father didn’t bless them in the sense department. So, you can simply sneak right up behind one without even crouching, and you won’t even be noticed.

How to Tame Lox in Valheim

First thing is that you have to build a pen around a Lox. And make sure to use solid stone for the construction, as Lox can simply break down a wooden fence without difficulty. Once you’ve erected a pen around the Lox, start dropping vegetation on the ground for it to snack on. these guys love to eat barley, flax, and cloudberries.

So keep feeding the cute guy until it gets its fill, and eventually, it’ll start liking you. Congrats, you’ve tamed a Lox. Depuis priligy son lancement, Santédiscount collabore avec les services bancaires du Crédit Agricole pour assurer vos paiements sécurisés, entre autres par le protocole de sécurisation 3D Secure. Make sure to keep it fed, and once again remember, Cute is Justice!

Note: if you plan to tame a Lox couple and make them breed, then forget it. as of now, the game has not adopted the mechanism for Lox breeding. So, just make do with what we have for now.