Valorant EP4 Act 3: Easy Guide to Understanding Maps Better!

VALORANT Agent 14 scaled 1

As tactical, FPS games go, Riot Games’ Valorant covers all the necessary aspects that are required for a 5v5 tactical shooter. To thrive in the game and get as much success as possible, with ranking up to higher levels, players must learn the few in-game mechanics that are based on getting good in the game. Valorant is all about weapon play and proper usage of abilities. Just like these are important to learn and understand, another important aspect is to have map knowledge of all the maps in the game.

Maps in Valorant

As of the current time, there are seven playable maps in the FPS game Valorant. The reason players should learn about maps is to come up with new tactics and make a predetermined list of players. By doing this, they can play on the specific maps, learn lineups for their advantage, get knowledge of every angles to peak and get to know about every spam-able spot that exists on the maps. All of these will significantly improve your gameplay, will help you get more kills and be helpful to your team.

Getting a lot of kills in the game is not the only way to win matches, you can also act as an in-game leader or IGL and call out strats and plays for your team to have a better playing experience.


What are the maps in Valorant?

The seven maps in Valorant are;

  1. Bind
  2. Ascent
  3. Split
  4. Haven
  5. Icebox
  6. Breeze 
  7. Fracture

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How to learn more about maps in Valorant?

There are a number of ways through which players can learn about the maps in Valorant. The ways are;

1) Custom Practice

Hop into custom games on each map and try out agents on them solo. This will give you first-hand ideas about the maps in the game.

2) Watch Pro-Plays

Professional Valorant games are a great way to learn a lot about the game and the map that normally one wouldn’t think of while playing Valorant. You can use the professional strats and tips for your gameplay

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3) Play unrated

Playing unrated is a fantastic way to learn more about the maps against actual players, with the same objective as competitive, except there is no instance of worrying about losing competitive RR and rank.


These were some of the tips you can use to learn more about the maps in the game. Be sure to follow us for more gaming Guides, How to’s and Tutorials.