Valorant: Easy Guide to Patch Update 4.10!

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A lot of changes have been made in Valorant this season, which is Episode 4 Act 3. The recent patch update of 4.10 which came in on 24th May 2023, has implemented a number of changes and additions. Let us take a look at these in brief and understand all of the new inclusions and exclusions in the popular 5v5 tactical FPS game, Valorant.

Valorant Patch Update 4.10 Changes

The new patch includes a number of changes in many sectors, including some agent tweaks, map updates, some gameplay systems tweaks and a lot of bug fixes.

Tweaks made to Valorant Agents

The charge or progress bars for an agent have been moved under a fixed and consistent location. It has also been made to show consistent sizes for many agents in the game, for utmost clarity. These agents are Reyna, Cypher, Breach, Fade, Jett, Omen, Phoenix, Raze, Skye and Yoru.

Another agent change that came through in this update is regarding Omen, as his 3D model has been altered with more fidelity and details.

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Tweaks made to Maps

The Haven map has been implemented with subtle changes, where certain pixel collision has been removed in the areas. Now, players can not walk upfront of the cover at A site. And without a boost, players can’t jump on top of the cover at the C site either.

Changes to the Gameplay system

  • A performance graph has been added that shows shooting error values of the recent shots within the client
  • Ping and framerate spike causing excessive movement processing buffer has been fixed
  • Latency on the Server’s side has been increased
  •  Under the above spike in ping or framerate condition
  • A Network RTT Jitter graph has been added to the game
  • A “Network RTT + Processing Delays” graph has been added
  • Combat report not showing up glitch has been fixed

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Several Bug Fixes

  • Allies will now be able to hear the cue of the destruction of teammate’s deployable abilities. This includes abilities like;
    1. Trademark and Rendezvous abilities of Chamber
    2. Turret and Alarmbot of Killjoy
    3. Trapwire and Spycam of Cypher
    4. Gatecrash of Yoru
  • The glitch that stopped Neon’s High Gear after Fast Lane or Relay Bolt is used, has been fixed
  • The glitch where Chamber’s Rendezvous radius is not shown to spectators and observers has been fixed0
  • Brimstone’s ability (Q) Incendiary’s feeling damage has been fixed to show in chunks of 15, rather than showing as 1, like other damage under zone abilities in Valorant
    1. Its overall damage per shot (DPS) remains unchanged as before



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