Valorant EP 4 Act 2: A Guide to the new patch 4.05

Brimstone 1

Valorant EP 4 Act 2 is one of the most famous and widely played games in the world right now. As a 5v5, team-based, tactical shooter, the game needs to be balanced out with each major update. This is to keep the game fair for everyone and every agent. Riot Games does a great job in maintaining the game and keeping things checked and with the recent Valorant EP 4 Act 2 Patch 4.05, they tried to do the same.

Let us go through the important changes and things that you need to keep notes on.

Valorant EP 4 Act 2 Patch 4.05: All Changes

Agent Changes: Brimstone

First things first, the biggest change that came with this update in Valorant EP 4 Act 2 is the Brimstone Nerf. After a series of buff, nerf and a recent buff, the OG agent has yet received another nerf. While making Brimstone more powerful, they might have pushed too many gears thus the need for a little rework.

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  • Stim Beacon– Instead of 2, he will now only have 1. The Cost has also been increased to 200 from 100.

Quality of Life Changes:-

Prioritize Strongest Weapon Option Revamped

This weapon allowed players to switch to their strongest weapon with a push of a button, at any time and anywhere. The name of this option is now changed to “Auto-Equip Prioritizes”. Now, the priority rank has been changed from Primary first, Secondary on second and your Meele on third to Primary & Ultimate first, Secondary & Chamber’s Pistol on second and then your Meele on third.

Crosshair Sharing

Players can now import and export specific types of crosshair via auto-generated codes. This will make the process of copying Crosshair much easy. You can find the new Export and Import options from the Crosshair tab in the Settings menu. Copy or paste the auto-generated digits to get the use you want.

Valorant EP 4 Act 2

Map Variety

This update has been made to the competitive game mode and will increase the variety of the maps in your matchmaking pool. 


  • Leave Match Button function has been corrected.
  • Sova’s Recon Bolt won’t be destroyed by Brimstone’s Ultimate.
  • Mic Icon on the scoreboard on clicking ‘Escape’ has been fixed.
  • Few known bugs on the map Icebox has been fixed.

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