Valorant EP 4 Act 2: Guide to All Agent Changes!

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Valorant EP 4 Act 2 has come quite far in terms of progression. Since it was released, the game has seen a wide surge in player base and a constant number of players every month. With big new tournaments being hosted every now and then and everyone pushing for higher ranks, the game has seen a lot of changes in meta.

The change of meta in multiplayer games is to keep things interesting and balanced for everyone. With the Valorant EP 4 Act 2, we have received quite a number of changes made to multiple agents in the game, all at once. Some of them came right through the bat without any former notification, except obviously, the Yoru rework. In this article, we will talk about all the changes made to the agents in Valorant EP 4 Act 2.

Agent Changes with Valorant EP 4 Act 2


Omen has got quite the number of buffs, all at once. It includes;

  • Dark Cover- Cooldown Decreased from 40 sec to 30 sec. Projectile speed buffed to 6400 from 2800, with an extended cost of 150 points from 100.
  • Shrouded Step– Cost decreased to 100 from 150 and delayed decreased to 0.7 sec from 1 sec.
  • Paranoia– Now players adjacent to Omen, will not get hit by his Paranoia

valorant EP 4 Act 2


  • Sky Smoke– The Smoke application time decreased from 2 sec to 1 sec. Smoke Radius increased from 5000 to 5500 and Smoke height increased to match other controllers.
  • Stim Beacon– Now it provides a 15% increase Rate of Fire and a 15% speed boost

This is more of a nerf than a buff so here they are,

  • Stars– Total decreased to 4 from 5. CD on retrieval increased from 14 to 25 seconds. Star Placement distance increased from 10000 to 30000.
  • Gravity Well– CD increased from 25 to 45. Well, size decreased from 525 to 475. Doesn’t affect anyone underneath it.
  • Nova Pulse– CD increased from 25 to 45 and Doesn’t affect anyone underneath it.
  • Nebula– CD increased from 14 to 25. Size increased from 410 to 475.
  • Astral Form-Minor adjustments have been made

VALORANT Viper Dark scaled 1 1


Another nerf to our line-up queen. Here are them in detail,

  • Fuel– When Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are active simultaneously, fuel drains 50% faster. The fuel bar turns red when it is out of power to activate her abilities.
  • Toxic Screen– Increased CD from 6 to 8 sec. Deactivation delay decreased from 1 to 0.8 sec. 
  • Poison Cloud– CD increased from 6 to 8 sec. Deactivation delay decreased from 1 to 0.8 sec.
  • Snake Bite– Duration decreased from 6.5 to 5.5 sec.

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The Yoru Rework

The whole agent has not been buffed but has been reworked quite a bit in Valorant EP 4 Act 2. It deserves an article of its own. We will talk about it in the future but you can refer to the official patch notes for the basic details on the Yoru rework.                  

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