Valorant EP 4: Useful Agents to play on Ascent!


Valorant is a popular 5v5 tactical FPS from Riot Games. The game focuses on weapon play, along with the ability usage of the different agents, available in the game. The game features quite a number of maps to play on, including the popular Ascent map. If you are new to the game and are wondering what agents you can play on Ascent that will benefit your team, then this is the right guide for you.

The best part about Valorant is that you don’t always need to get a massive amount of kills in order to be useful to your team. You can use your abilities in many different ways that will benefit your team, even when you are having a bad day. So here are a few agents, from different agent classes, that you can consider playing on Ascent.


You can actually play most of the duelists in the game on Ascent. The map is relatively easy to understand, which makes it easier for duelists to enter the site and secure kills. Out of all the other choices, the best ones you can go with on Ascent are Jett, Raze and Reyna. Jett is quite flexible on every map, if you are an aggressive/solo player then this is what you might consider.

Taking Raze on Ascent is another great pick, as you can deal quite a lot of damage through the several narrow spots and corners present on the map. It will definitely help your team to postpone entry or clear close corners. As for Reyna, you can use your flash to enter sites or take early kills with aggressive peaks.



Sova is one of the best choices to play on Ascent. If you play Sova, you can learn a few lineups which will change the game in your favour. You can play post-plant, take lineup kills, provide extensive reconnaissance and a lot more.


Smokes play an important role in entering sites on Ascent in Valorant. Thus Brimstone, Astra and Omen players can easily provide the cover that their team needs. Also, you can play post-plant situation with Brimstone and Astra’s utilities quite well. And you can lurk/rotate easily with the help of omen.

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It is given that the B site of Ascent in Valorant must be covered by a sentinel for the best cover against entries. You can easily do that with Killjoy, Cypher and Chamber. You can even rotate and playoff angles, away from the site and still manage to block sites and postpone entries with your abilities. You can also utilize Killjoy to play post-plants on both sides.

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