Valorant: How to Farm XP [2023]


Valorant is a game where aim meets tactical abilities. In this 5v5 competitive shooter, players generally grind for the rank and you earn XP for playing matches and doing other things in the game. However, for rank ups, you need RR, which you only gain from competitive matches. Then what is the use of XP in the game? Well, just like most modern games, you grind for XP in Valorant to get sweet rewards from the Battle Pass or to unlock locked Valorant agents. Here’s are all the different ways you can earn XP in the game and a guide to farm it quickly.

The importance of XP in Valorant

As mentioned earlier, XP earned in the game has nothing to do with your rank, you need RR for that. Experience points or XP in Valorant are used for two important things, one to complete the Battle Pass level and the other is to unlock locked agents in the game. They are simultaneously filled so you don’t need to do them separately, meaning if you earn 2000 XP from a game, it fills your Battle Pass, as well as the Locked Agent level meter. Here is how you can farm XP in the game quickly.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are a must in the game. Valorant usually gives about 3 weekly challenges each time and each of them offers more than 29,000 XP. Completing 3 of them will earn you about 87,000 XP so don’t miss out on those.

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Daily Challenges

Just like weekly ones, you get daily challenges every day. However, they offer a fraction of the XP reward but is sure worth it. Each day, the games give out 2 Daily challenges that offer 2,000 XP each, meaning a possible 4,000 XP each day for completing simple tasks.

Competitive / Unrated

Playing these game modes will offer a lot of XP in general and you need these along with the challenges, in order to complete the BP. You get XP for playing the game mode, and XP depends on how many rounds are played and how many rounds are won. Winning rounds will give you more XP and there’s none for losing thus try to win every time. However, these game modes require a lot of time.

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Spike Rush / Deathmatch / Escalation/ Others

All the other game modes in the game are very less time consuming but offer bare minimum XP. So playing unrated and competitive is still the best way. Also be aware that you can only complete the Daily and Weekly challenges within Competitive, Unrated and Spike Rush game modes, not in the other ones. So avoid playing the other ones and focus on these three.

These are currently the only way to get the most amount of XP in order to compete in the Battle Pass. It requires enormous XP and can take up to numerous days. You can alternatively buy to unlock all the levels of the BP but that is not a reasonable option for many.

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