Valorant: Top 3 Agents for Absolute Beginners

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Valorant is currently one of the most popular team-based, 5v5, Competitive First-person shooter there is. Unlike other tactical FPS, Valorant is quite easier to learn but it’s hard to master. There are a lot of things to learn in the game and the key aspects are obviously Aim, map-sense, ability usage and coordination. Apart from these, one of the important parts of this game is to select the proper agent that suits your playstyle. 

Now there are various agents in Valorant and everything may seem flashy at first but you’d want someone that can be fluid in your style. For beginners, Valorant may seem confusing as to what agents are better, what agents should they select and master and what is favourable for each map. To know more about it and guide your early days in the game, please read on further.

Agents in Valorant

There are 15 agents in total, as of now, and each of them falls under the categories of Duelists, Controller, Sentinel & Initiator. Each of these categories has a purpose, or you can say, have a speciality to them. For example, the main job for Duelists is to frag out and secure kills.

The job of Controllers is to slice of enemy territories to provide the best areas to play rather than running on a completely open site. 


Sentinels are the anchor of the team, which provides major defence for the team by taking care of an area. They also have an active role in the support aspect of the game. 

The job of Initiators is very vital as they help the team move by initiating their moves. Like drawing up enemies, forcing them to change locations, finding opponents through the map and gather important intel for the team.

What Agent Category should you select?

Now, we can all agree on the fact that many people tend to play duelist whenever they can as securing good kills are a key part of being one. However, that’s not true, one can easily out frag their team by playing any agents from any category.

The best way to start the game is to play support character and build your experience through learning with others. Taking duelist is not a great idea as your aim will need some time to get good and taking frags is, thus, not an early option. So goes for Controllers as they are difficult to learn and master.

The best categories to select an agent from are the Sentinels and Initiators. These provide major support to the team and help gather intel. As if you are not having a great game you can still help your team with recon darts, healing, and other stuff.

Agent Recommendations

Thus, the Agents we recommend are;

  • Sage
  • Omen
  • Sova

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You can try others to or from different categories but we recommend you to first learn the basics with these. Then you can select a duelist, or controller or anything per your liking.


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