Tunic: Savvy Walkthrough on Improvising Stats

In Tunic, if you want to improve your stats or wan to level up your stats, then you are on the right place.

Tunic Impoving Stats

Hola gamers welcome to the guide in which we will talk about how players can improve their stats in the game Tunic and what are the advantages they will get from the same. It is not that easy how players can do it but with this tutorial, players will be able to do it with some key information.

Tunic Improve stats

About the Game Tunic:

Talking about the game, it is a very tough game in which players need to solve some difficult puzzles and boss battles. Even the small things in the game are made very tough to crack. It includes how players can increase base stats in the game like attack and defences.


Improve Tunic Stats:

In the game, players can find multiple locations in which they can go and pray in order to heal their wounds or to save the game. Just like to the Sites of Grace in the game, any defeated enemy can be brought back when the shrine is used. In every shrine, players can level up their stats if a good amount of offerings are provided.

In order to upgrade, players need to simply follow a few instructions. They first need to open the inventory screen when they are face to face with the shrine. Secondly, they need to choose one of the special upgrade items. They will be located in the bottom right corner of the inventory screen. At last, they need to pay for that.

How Materials are Upgraded:

There are basically six corresponding upgrade materials as there are six stats that players can find in the game. The Monster Tooth corresponds to attack, Medicine corresponds to potion healing, Fox statue corresponds to defence, flower corresponds to health points Blue Mushroom corresponds to Magic points and Leaf corresponds to stamina points.

Players need to roam a lot in the game in order to find these resources in different locations. Players need to spend much time in most of the playing regions in the game Tunic. We hope this article helps you, till then follow Askgamer.