Where to find and use CB Radios?

Where to find and use CB Radios in Fortnite 1

Fortnite’s new challenges for the week are to find Ghost and Shadow ruins, and to use 5 CB radios. The earlier ones are covered in the previous article. We have a guide for you that covers Week 11’s quest to find the locations of 5 CB radios.


Where to find and use CB Radios?

These questions are from Bunker Jonesy and you need to use 5 different CB radios to complete the challenge. You can find these radios in these locations:

Northeast of Steamy Stacks

East of Craggy Cliffs

North of Stealthy Stronghold

West of Slurpy Swamp

Southwest of Misty Meadows


CB Radio Location 1:

CB Radio 1 1

This one is pretty easy. Visit Steamy Stacks and go to the northeast corner. You will find a folding table in front of a shipping container. Interact with it and get the first CB Radio points.


CB Radio Location 2:

CB Radio 2 1

This location is similar to the first 1. Go to Crabby Cliffs and walk in the north east direction. There is a shack located there. You will find the radio behind the shack on a folding table.


CB Radio Location 3:

CB Radio 3 1

Visit Stealthy Stronghold and walk in the northern direction. Follow the dirt path. There will be a wooden shack on stilts. The radio is attached beneath the table in the shack.


CB Radio Location 4:

CB Radio 4 1

This location is straightforward. Visit Slurpy Swamp and go to the westernmost island. There are a bunch of containers located here. The radio will be in one of them.


CB Radio Location 5:

CB Radio 5 1

The final radio will be located southwest of Misty Meadows. You will come across a log cabin building. Go around it and you will find a folding table near the back entrance. The radio will be found on the table.