World of Warcraft: Shadowlands – How to Get Eternal Crystals for Anima

World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals

World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals: players can find cheap Eternal Crystal reagent after finalizing this week’s contract questions.

Since its release in November, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has breathed new life into MMORPG by offering the public an alternative to the PvE and PvP experience once they reach the 60th level. While some players have direct access, others prefer to work first in jobs such as fishing that provides gears and legal incentives to easily clarify content. However, some works have proven to be very expensive to extract, such as interest.

Interest is always explained by the need to destroy rare or high-quality materials to remove reagents. This continues in Shadowlands with Eternal Crystal blue from only the famous disenchanted gear. Since Mythic prisons and Castle Nathria drops are the only reliable source of epics, it would not be possible for many young fortune tellers to find enough Eternal Crystals without spending a lot of gold at Auction House. However, with the weekly reset, there is currently a way to get unparalleled epics with a small amount of anima. Here is the guide to find World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals for Anima.


Repeat 18

Before players can afford to buy epics, they need to complete this week’s contract campaign and get to the current 18-year-old renown hat. Everyone caught last week has to be in Renown 15, so they have to rescue souls in Maw and collect 1000 animaes before the questline opens. While acquiring an anima may take a while, there should be a number of international demands offering 250 animaes as a reward, including this week’s World Boss Valinor.

During this week’s story list, players will find a piece of ilvl 184 clothing in one of the final requirements. Most of the characters already have better gears in that slot, so it can be approved by Eternal Crystal. However, ending the questline and arriving at Renown 18 opens up the same purchase item for each agreement. Follow next step to find World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals for anima.

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Buying Gear From Contract Seller

World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals

After that, the highlight will be found at the same dealer selling the appearance of the arms of the contract. Each piece costs only 100 animaas, so players can get World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals by extracting copies. Note that a particular NPC depends on an agreement.

Kyrian – Forgelite Neptira

Necrolords – Slayer Araya

Night Fae – Mar’lan

Venthyr – Gregor Pallidblade

Although players do not want to be witches, taking a brief look at World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals and selling them at the Auction House is a quick way to make several thousand gold pieces per piece. While this method has been in the World of Warcraft all day as of this writing, there is a chance that Blizzard will fix the gear so that it does not become unpleasant, so anyone who is interested should take immediate action.

Use steps above to find World of Warcraft Shadowlands eternal crystals for Anima, Until then happy gaming.