World of Warcraft: Shadowlands – How to Upgrade Covenant Gear

World of Warcraft

While the quest is a journey in itself, World of Warcraft: The players of Shadlandslands know that a real game that starts after reaching a high level. At the same time, the continuity shifts from site exploration to technology development or to PvE and PvP content lines. However, the low prices of Mythic + and Castle Nathria loot mean that many players are still wearing the same pieces a few weeks later. Happily, there is another way to prepare for the subject of the Covenant.

As part of each contract campaign, World of Warcraft the completion of one-week prize coins is awarded to a piece of gear from a battlefield set. While the first item is only ilvl 155, the latest rewards are rising sharply over the past two weeks providing excellent quality weapons. In addition, finding the story line of the campaign allows everyone to develop the remaining pieces.

Upgrade NPCs

To achieve improvement, players must seek NPC within their contracts that can renew anima weapons. These NPCs are located in different locations depending on the Agreement, but each will be closer to the seller and the seller of switching gears. Note that there is an NPC in Oribos that everyone can use if they do not want to go to their sanctuary.

Forgehand Phillo (Kyrian)

Goreguts (Necrolord)

Craftmaster Lamda (Night Fae)

Guy Yearmo (Venthyr)

Aggressor Zo’dash (Oribos)

World of Warcraft

Geographic Agreement Development Requirements

After talking to the NPC, drag or right-click a piece of gear in its pocket to lift it inside the menu. Depending on the character’s progress, World of Warcraft object and ilvl figures can be upgraded somewhere with a growing number of anima. Note that at the time of this writing, the last renewal is not available until next week’s Campaign campaign is available on January 12th.

Object Level (Upgrade Level) | Required chapter (Rename) | Anima | Required

ilvl 164 (Level 2 of 7) | Chapter 4 (Name 8) | 50 Anima |

ilvl 171 (Level 3 of 7) | Chapter 5 (Name 11) | 100 Anima |

ilvl 177 (Section 4 of 7) | Chapter 6 (Name 13) | 150 Anima |

ilvl 184 (Section 5 of 7) | Chapter 7 (Name 17) | 200 anima |

ilvl 190 (Position 6 out of 7) | Chapter 8 (Name 20) | 250 Anima |

ilvl 197 (Section 7 of 7) | Chapter 9 (Name 22) | 300 Anima |

Players should also keep in mind that they can purchase 100 new anima pieces and each has a retail price of 250g. While the previous method of extracting these eternal epic crystals has now been burned, it is still a good way to make extra money on any remaining anima.

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In the end, World of Warcraft most heroes will not need these improved outfits because there are so many ways to get ilvl 200+ gear every week. However, this option allows those who are unlucky with the drops to combine some of the weaker gear spaces and improve their overall ilvl. In the end, the challenge of balancing the characters of the future World of Warcraft will be much smoother because completing the Treaty campaigns is much easier than other content of the final game.