Microsoft Retrogrades Xbox Live Gold Subscription Price-Raise Plan, After Violent Reaction by Users

Xbox Live Gold subscription price-doubled is now withdrawn by microsoft, after wrathful reactions of users

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Price

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Consequences of Hike:

The hike in the price of Xbox Live Gold subscription has cause rage in most of the customers. There were several claims regarding the hike in the price in such a situation during the pandemic. It is true that most people are staying indoors and spending a majority of their time with screens. It won’t be wrong to say that, a lot of people got unemployed during this hard time. So, increasing the price of subscriptions in such a situation definitely outraged people, and also if the trend would have continued then, many people would have unsubscribed. This would have created a huge loss to the company.

Backtrack in Subscription Price:

As the customers were more than outrageous, thus Microsoft decided to backtrack the hike in price. Yes, it’s true. Microsoft has already made the announcement that there will be no changes in the price of the subscription plans.  The price range would have been double the price of the original plan if a backtrack has not been made.

Microsoft Backtrack in Xbox Live Gold Subscription Price

This would have led to a hike in the price of Xbox Gold Subscription as high as Xbox Gamepass Ultimate which is a superior plan to this. Game Pass is a coin of loyalty for Xbox Series X users to get in touch with the new releases for the next-gen consoles. However, pricing the gold subscription as high as Game Pass is no more a topic of discussion.

Xbox Live Gold Hike and Regular Pricing:

It is more than 10 years in some places that the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription has not changed. The price would have become $60 for 6 months as per the new rules (which is equivalent to Rs 4400). The yearly subscription plan was already removed from the store last year. The monthly subscription plan has faced no change and will remain as it is. The yearly plan would not be available as of now, but the half-yearly plan will continue to exist at the moment.

Xbox Live Gold Hike and Regular Pricing

Voice of Xbox Community:

Some of the customers of Xbox Live Gold claim that Microsoft got disconnected from its community and economy. They were unable to realize the impact of the hike and also the situation in which they did it. The company also admitted that they completely messed up when they dropped this idea of a hike. However, they shut down the plan of hike soon enough to keep their customers happy and away from being outrageous.

Xbox Live Subscription Price Raise