Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Ostara Festival Guide

AC Valhalla Ostara Festival

AC Valhalla Ostara Festival: As March draws to a close, many games, such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, begin a new season with a variety of events taking place within the game. To celebrate the seasonal festivities of the spring game, Ubisoft has launched the Ostara Season Festival event, which started from March 18, 2023.

The AC Valhalla Ostara Festival is held in Ravensthorpe and has a lot of fun questions and fighting Eivor to get a lot of cool stuff and makeup. Players can take part in the Ostara Season Egg Hunt, decorate the living quarters, protect the valley from evil spirits, or receive a new Queen of May crown.

The AC Valhalla Ostara Festival comes for free as part of the 1.2.0 update for all players who own the first game. All in all, the festival will last for about three weeks and should end on April 8, 2023. At Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Players who want to celebrate the event to the fullest, here is a complete guide to what they need to know.

AC Valhalla Ostara Festival Quests

Let’s get Festive

By visiting a dealer at Norvid, players will get a quick introduction to the event and will be able to trade items for the Festival Tent. Norvid will also start players with an initial desire to decorate the living space. By placing five ornaments on the foundations around Ravensthorpe, athletes will receive 50 AC Valhalla Ostara Festival tokens.

AC Valhalla Ostara Festival

The May Queen

The AC Valhalla May Queen quest begins when the players talk to Mayda, a girl standing next to a wooden throne. Mayda tells Eivor she is not happy with her crowns and wants a new one. The Gamers were then given the task of tracking down a powerful beast with Odin’s Sight to kill them. The reward for this requirement is 140 AC Valhalla Ostara Festival Tokens.

AC Valhalla May Queen Quest

Braun’s Folly

Speaking to Braun, the players will be challenged in a drinking contest at AC Valhalla Ostara Festival against him. While gamers only get 10 win tokens to win, this requirement can be repeated as many times as they want.


Spiritual Defense

To begin the quest for spiritual defense in AC Valhalla Ostara Festival, players must wait until the evening to speak to Alvis. After that, fans should march north of Ravensthorpe, follow the Ake route, and light up eight fireplaces. When that’s done, find Ake on the nearby hill and activate Foul Totem. Once the evil spirits are defeated, the athletes will receive 140 Tokens.

AC Valhalla Spiritual Defense Quest

Egg Hunting

To start the egg hunt, players need to talk to Alwin at the festival. There are 15 eggs in total; some require Odin’s vision to discover, others can only be obtained by following the directions Odin provides. Once all the baskets are collected, gamers can return them to Alwin with 140 AC Valhalla Ostara Festival token.

Complete the AC Valhalla Ostara Festival, until then happy gaming.