Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Unwelcome Quest Guide

AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest

AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest: The search for nine main stories at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is unacceptable and takes place after the completion of The Swan Road Home. As the name suggests, it is about arriving in England and the locals do not want to see you.

Unacceptability is a short-lived desire, but it is difficult to deal with this early in the game. Because of this, you may want to consider keeping this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Unwelcome guide ready to help you complete it as efficiently as possible. Be sure to sign up for our full Assassin’s Creed Valhalla move as well, which includes detailed descriptions of every single story in the game. For now here’s how to fill in the blanks on AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest.

AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest

AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest Guide

After successfully unloading the river series that blocked your way to The Swan Road Home, you will once again need to take a long boat ride inland. Although you obviously want Halfdan Jarl’s place of residence, what you end up with is a little different than what you might expect. As soon as you arrive at the so-called Ragnarsson camp full of Danes to celebrate your arrival, you will see that something is amiss and starts AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest.

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When you reach the shore, jump into your long boat and explore the valley in front of you. The cutscene will play where you find out that the people here are not Danes – they are English pirates who do not welcome outsiders, and they will threaten you and your staff as soon as you enter the village for AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest.

AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest

Naturally, this leads to a fight in AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest. The criminals here are no worse than the other enemies you have fought so far, and you have all your staff. If you have a problem, focus on evasiveness and self-defense strategies while Sigurd and all his other colleagues handle everything to deal with the damage. After you successfully send the robbers, go to Sigurd and talk to him. A short cutscene will be played, after which you will be told to head towards the tall house. To get there, just follow the main road to the top of the hill. The longhouse is very large compared to other buildings, so you will not miss it.

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When you arrive at the tall house, you will notice that a noise trap has been set at the door. Regardless of what this might look like, there are no conflicts within, so you can just go straight inside. Don’t bother looking for another door or a hole in the roof – make as much noise as you want, as only two people inside are prisoners who were being held by criminals in AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest.

AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest

If you go inside and talk to them, another cutscene will play. Release them and ask them to stay with you and your people – Rowan is a stable boy and Yanli is a salesman, so they are both important partners who will be very grateful for your rescue. When the cutscene is over, you will have two additional residents for your new residence in Ravensthorpe.

Use this guide to complete AC Valhalla Unwelcome Quest, until then happy gaming.