All Thane Weapons in Skyrim | Easy Guide

If you are keen interested in knowing all the Thane Weapons in Skyrim, then follow this one and all guide.

Get Thane Weapons in Skyrim

Get Thane Weapons – Hola gamers, we hope our content is helping you to explore the game in a much better way. In this tutorial, we will talk about the game Skyrim and how you can obtain all the Thane Weapons in the game. Talking about Thane Weapons, is one of the powerful weapons, especially for players having less experience as it is not very tough to obtain them. But still, it takes quiet work to obtain all of the 10 Thane Weapons.

Get Thane Weapons:

Players will get the Thane weapons in random order and the effects on the blade or axe of that material will also be random. To earn them all is an achievement in itself, as players use them as collectible decorations as there are more enchanted and powerful weapons in the game. We will classify all the Thane Weapons one by one:


Thane Weapons in Skyrim:

Axe of Whiterun: This weapon is acquired from Jarl Balgruuf for finishing “Dragon Rising” and cannot be acquired after Jarl Balgruuf is replaced. It can be obtained before the Battle of Whiterun as well. There are 2 weapons that can be earned for being the Thane of Whiterun-its partner and the Blade of Whiterun. This axe is one of them which the player can claim by choosing the Stormcloaks in the Civil War.

Axe of Eastmarch: This weapon can be obtained from Jarl Brunwulf free-Winter after finishing “The Battle of Windhelm”.

Blade of Falkreath: Can be obtained from Siddgeir for finishing “Rare gifts” and “Kill the Bandit Leader”.

Blade of Haafingar: This weapon can be obtained from Jarl Elisif the fair for completing “Elisif’s Tribute”.

Blade of Hjaalmarch: This weapon can be obtained from Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone for completing “Laid to Rest”.

Blade of the Reach: This weapon can be obtained from jarl Igmund for completing “Find Hrolfdir’s Shield”.

Blade of the Rift: This weapon can be obtained from Jarl Maven Black-Briar for completing “Supply and Demand”.

Blade of the Pale: This weapon can be obtained from Jarl Brina Merilis after finishing “The Battle for Fort Dunstad”.

Blade of Whiterun: To obtain this weapon Jarl Balgruuf must be replaced, in order to make it a Stormcloak-only weapon.

Blade of Winterhold: This weapon can be obtained from Jarl Kraldar after finishing “Rescue from Fort Kastav”.

All Thane Weapons in Skyrim


“Rescue from Fort Kastav ” must be finished by players and having a word with Jarl Kraldar could help them complete a radiant quest for the favor. This is valid only for Imperial players. The Stormcloaks need not to replace Korir and the finish “Find The Helm Of Winterhold”.