Skyrim: Easy Guide to Pickpocket with 0% Chance!!!

In Skyrim if you want to pickpocket with 0% chance then, player can have adverse effect. You need to do these things, just read out what.

Pickpocketing 0% chance n skyrim

Pick Pocketing in Skyrim – Hello buddy gamers. Hope you guys are doing great. We are back again with another set. This time we are going to discuss the game Skyrim. We are going to teach you guys how to steal. Yes, Steal. There were many messages regarding this particular item. So we have decided to address this issue. So before starting I would request you guys to stay till the last of the set as there are many important things that you guys might miss out. So without any further due let’s start.


Skyrim Elder Scrolls V:

In Skyrim, picking pocket can be very dangerous. It has many drastic consequences as well. If you are caught by any guard you will be exploited by them for hours. So if you have to steal from the NPC then you have to be very cautious. There is actually a spell in the game which will help you to overcome this problem. You can actually steal from a place where the chance is 0%.

Easy Guide to Pickpocket with 0% Chance in Skyrim

The Spell:

The spell is actually called as the Paralyze. This is an expert-level alteration spell. You can actually purchase this spell from Tolfdir at the college of winter hold. If you are a noob in magic and know very little about these things, don’t worry you can use it very easily. You can mold it into a weapon and use it on your opponents. Chill rend is a weapon that can be used with this spell. The staff of paralysis is actually located in the deep snap leg cave. It is found in the east of Ivarstead. If you don’t want to go in this expedition, You can actually make it through alchemy.

Skyrim, Making the Poison:

So if you planning to make the poison then you will need several items. Some of the ingredients are Briar Heart, Cannis Root, Gleamblossom, Swamp Fungal Pod, or Notch Jelly. Just to keep in mind that the target is to paralyze them not to kill them. So avoid using human alchemy ingredients such as Human Flesh or Imp Stool. Once you have used these 5 ingredients then you can successfully brew the potion.

Now coming to the usage part it is very simple. You have to go near them and paralyze them with the potion. Then you can easily pick their pocket. Make sure you keep the timing right and steal from them when they are paralyzed.