How to Reset The Breakers in Among Us Airship Map

Among Us Airship Breakers

Among Us Airship Breakers: After months of anticipation, the map of Among Us Airship has finally departed, and, as promised, is large and full of more than a dozen colleagues’ work and nine new locations for fraudsters to eliminate total killings. Most of the new jobs within Us Airship are more involved than those on the first three maps, which will force colleagues to spend more time on it and make it much harder for fraudsters to cheat.

Reset Among Us Airship Breakers is a new job in Electrical on the Airship that can be considered a long-term job, or it happens in one place rather than in many numbers on a map. In this activity, players will need to pull a paddle on a set of seven breaks in order of numbers from the top of the switch.

The electricity in the Among Us Airship is slightly different from the power chambers on other maps. Labyrinthine is, in a way, a narrow passage and has one way to get in or out. All seven blocks are scattered across its serpentine passage. This makes the task tedious to complete. As a result of setting up the room, Among Us Airship Breakers this activity is also dangerous for co-workers, as it allows cheaters to kill and run away without a co-worker who has a chance to run.

Among Us Airship Breakers

While there is no way to get into Electrical, and no security camera and limited visibility. Players who complete electrical tasks such as resetting the breakers will need to be very careful and diligent. Here’s how to complete a Breaker reset task on Among Us Airship Breakers.

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How To Reset Among Us Airship Breakers

On the new Among Us Airship breakers map, Electrical is located on the southeast side. Players can reach south by the Great Hall, west from medical, or northeast from security. Although close to security, there are no security cameras in the room. There are no ventilation.

The Among Us Airship Breakers power room is designed as a grid, with one pull-up coupon on the right, two in the middle, one in the bottom right, one in the bottom right, one in the middle in the left, and one in the middle in the left. Each section of the grid is divided by security departments, and these will be opened or closed randomly during separate games.

Among Us Airship Breakers

Reset Among Us Airship Breakers work may not be immediately clear to players for the few times they have been assigned. During each game, these breaking points will be labeled with numbers from 1 to 7. In this exercise, coworkers are asked to pull the levers upwards in a row from 1 to 7. It may take a while to find lever 1 and complete the breakers in sequence.

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Crewmates need to pull all seven labs to complete the job of .Among Us Airship Breakers Happily, hitting one wrong oar will not reset the game, and players can easily correct mistakes without having to start from lever 1 again.

Players should know that lever numbers will change between games, so it will not be possible to memorize their positions. This could be a challenge, making the Reset Among Us Airship Breakers career one of the longest in the game.

Among Us Airship Breakers

The work of Reset Among Us Airship Breakers can be a death knell if colleagues are not careful. No security cameras can allow a colleague watching in the next room to see his or her coworkers killed. However, there are no other routes out of Electrical. Fraudsters will risk killing it there. If co-workers see them leave the electricity, and then go in and find the body, the Deceiver can be quickly distracted and may have to lie to avoid getting caught.

Use this guide to reset Among Us Airship Breakers, until then happy gaming.