Best Custom Games In Among Us

Among Us Custom games

Among Us Custom games: With the right mode or a set of house rules, custom games between us can be fun. While none of this has been officially released by InnerSloth, an indie studio after the social media game, fans have been able to come up with some great ways to play among us that go beyond traditional rules. Here are the best custom games among us right now.

Mods have become a very popular part of Us, especially in recent months. The Modders have added a variety of roles, which seem to be based in Salem Cape Town, as well as ways that allow for things like 100 players at once. These new and exciting ways to play among us are great, Among Us Custom games but some are really better than others.

Most of these custom games are based on mods or home rules (rules agreed upon by all players before the start of the game), and sometimes custom settings. Because of this, Among Us custom games are mostly designed to play with groups of friends – rather than strangers. Custom games tend to rely on a decent system, so playing with a group of loyal friends ensures that everyone has a good time without cheating. For those who want some of the best custom games among us, here is the best one.

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Among Us Custom games- Freeze Tag

The freezer marker can be very interesting, but there is one common problem with it. Currently, mod is not publicly available, so players will have to rely on certain custom settings and home rules to play it. It works like a popular game played by a lot of people in childhood: The impostor is “real” and has to go around tagging other players. Marked players are “suspended” and should remain silent until one of their colleagues marks them. If everyone is marked and immovable, then the Deceiver is successful.

Among Us Custom games

Among Us Custom games – Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt takes the traditional hide and seek gameplay and turns it on the head in a wacky and fun way. Prop Hunt mode transforms players into resources, making getting them both fun and challenging. Players can turn on helmets, emergency buttons, and even CCTV security cameras. To play, however, everyone in the reception area will need to be fitted with the Prop Hunt model.

Among Us Custom games

Among Us Custom games – Zombie

Zombies, very similar to Us, are incredibly popular now. And thanks to the new Zombie mode, players can become Zombies and try to turn co-workers into members of the undead hoard. The game works great as a Freeze Tag, except that tagging another player makes them a zombie instead of making them ice in space.

Crewmates will still have to complete their missions as a normal game, Among Us Custom games but when everyone turns into a zombie, the Zombies win. At the beginning of the game, one player is randomly selected to be a Zombie, so they will need to take immediate action to turn some of their co-workers into the undead before all tasks are completed.

Among Us Custom games

Among Us Custom games – Hide and Seek

Hide and seek were the first custom games among us to be popular. Even though it’s been played a lot now, it’s still very fun. Anyone who wants to change the gameplay among us without worrying about mods should definitely consider Hide and Seek, as it only depends on the house rules and the respectable program to be played.

Among Us Custom games

Modders and fans continue to come up with great custom games, so the list will continue to grow. For those looking for Among Us custom games to play right now, however, this is the best one available among us.