Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide to Get all 32 Mario Items!

This informative guide will help you gather all the 32 pieces of Mario items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to collect Mario Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons has many things themed to Mario. So, this proves to be one of the most-liked crossover campaigns. As many of the other aesthetics and properties are added in our all-time fav games crossover campaign. As previously we noticed how Animal Crossing has some goodies themed to Mario been added which you can bank-up, making it a nice crossover. So, this time on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the plumber, Animal Crossing New Horizons came-up with some of the specially chosen goodies. So, let’s dive into the detailed guide on getting all the Mario items in New Horizons.

How to get Mario items in New Horizon

Prerequisites for Collecting Mario Stuffs in New Horizons:

The very first thing you have to ensure before diving to get all the Mario stuffs is that you should have the latest version of New Horizons been downloaded and installed. Although, most-probably it might get updated on its own, but make sure to check once. You can ensure it is the setting of New Horizons available in your Nintendo Switch home menu. Here your version of Animal Crossing New Horizons should be 1.8.0.

Prerequisite to get Mario items in New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide to get Mario Items:

After verifying with your latest version, boot up the game to gain the Mushroom Mural for free. Furthermore, you can get Mario items while moving to the Resident Services and using the NookStop, which gives you access to the Nook Shopping. Now in th the Special-Goods section and Promotions tab, you will discover the full list of Mario items. You can purchase the Mario swags as many as you want to. But, to avail of it you have to wait one day after purchasing.

Guide to get Mario Items in Animal Crossing

Mario Swag Item Lists in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Here is the list of all the 32 pieces of Mario swag items you can purchase in Animal Crossing New Horizons, includes: 1-UP Mushroom (2000 Bells), Block (1000 Bells), Coin (350 Bells), Fire Flower (1500 Bells), Floating Block (100 Bells), Goal Pole (2500 Bells), Pipe (5000 Bells), Shell (700 Bells), Small Mushroom Platform (1000 Bells), Super Mushroom (1350 Bells), Super Star (2000 Bells), Thwomp (3000 Bells), Block (1350 Bells), Luigi Hat (1500 Bells), Mario Hat (1500 Bells), Princess Peach Crown (12000 Bells), Wario Hat (1500 Bells), Luigi ‘stache (1200 Bells), Mario ‘stache (1200 Bells), Wario ‘stache (1200 Bells), Luigi Outfit (2400 Bells), Mario Outfit (2400 Bells), Princess Peach Dress (6000 Bells), Wario Outfit (2400 Bells), Luigi Shoes (1400 Bells), Mario Shoes (1400 Bells), Princess Peach Shoes (2400 Bells), Wario Shoes (1400 Bells), Mushroom Mural (3000 Bells), Block Flooring (3000 Bells), Lakitu’s Cloud rug (1500 Bells), Yoshi’s Egg Rug (1500 Bells).

List of Mario Items in New Horizons

The most important thing you must acquire is a pair of Warp Pipes, using which one can build their own very-fast travel system. You can set these up around your island.