Apex Legends: A Complete Guide To Bloodhound

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Apex Legends Bloodhound: Bloodhound is undoubtedly one of the best fairy tales you can use in Apex Legends. The fairy tale suits aggressive play styles and can be used in every single Apex mode. All teams will benefit from having a Bloodhound, and the legend is one of the best in collecting Intel from rival groups. Bloodhound is also one of the simplest stories you can use for new or returning players. Mythical skills are straightforward and have re-regulated moments.

However, many new players who use Apex Legends Bloodhound make a lot of mistakes while using it. Bloodhound is best used in close-knit gun battles and missions. Like Wraith, the Bloodhound is a damage to each machine and should be used as such. Players who want to easily get into the game and play defensively have to choose another legend. Apex players who haven’t used Bloodhound yet need to try the scout. The following guide will help new gamers in Bloodhound increase the performance of the legend in the game.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide


The Apex Legends Bloodhound idle power allows gamers to know every time an enemy is nearby. Enemy players will leave behind footprints and other indications that opposition players are in place. Tracker allows Bloodhound players to prepare for a gun fight before it happens.

Apex Legends Bloodhound is one of the team’s best players because they always provide information on enemy locations and movements. The worst part of the tracker is that all the information can clutter the screen, especially during combat with many guns and enemies. Apex players who see the steps should probably use Bloodhound’s strategy, Eye of the Allfather.

Apex Legends Bloodhound

The Eye of All Fathers

The Apex Legends Bloodhound Force allows players to expose enemies, traps and other clues with structures in front of the character. Power will be able to scan everything before the Bloodhound’s target. Gamers who believe that there are enemies on the left and right should scan the inside to see as many enemies as possible. If players only know the location of one team, they should try to do a scan to identify that team and the other with support before performing the scan. After each use, the Allfather’s Eye regenerates in just 24 seconds.

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Too many Apex Legends Bloodhound players are scanning areas where they know enemies will appear. Allfather’s eye should be used in areas where enemies are not in the public eye, or are unknown. Bloodhounds should not test existing players. By photographing players already found, Apex Legends Bloodhound will inform enemies of the presence of a scanner. Gamers should use Allfather’s Eye and continue to move forward to expand the scope of the scanner. However, Bloodhounds should never go out of cover to complete the scan.

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Hunting Beast

Beast of The Hunt is one of the best attacking skills. The latter allows Bloodhound to detect enemy players and increase Apex Legends Bloodhound movement. All invisible opposition players will appear red on the player’s screen. Every time the Bloodhound knocks down an enemy, the Time of the Beast of the Hunt is extended.

The latter Bloodhound has been used extensively in chaotic gun battles and last rounds. Apex players who can combine two or three downs will be able to use the Bloodhounds in the long run. Players should try to gain a higher position and allow the Beat of the Hunt to identify as many enemy positions as possible. The Apex Legends Bloodhound mains are responsible when they use their last contact with enemy locations and movements, as team players will not be able to detect illuminated enemies.

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Players using Allfather’s Eye and Hunt’s Beast will both dominate in side and final situations. Apex Legends Bloodhound is the most fun player you can use, because the character always knows where the enemies are before they get involved. Opponents will not be able to hide the aggressive legend at the end of the game again. Unlike many other myths in the game, the Bloodhounds know exactly when to use their abilities because they actually foresee.


Best Bloodhound Weapons

Apex Legends Bloodhound is a myth that requires close personal contact with enemy groups. Players should not take a sniper and sit back on the back cover, because the character’s skills do not help players in long distances. In public games in particular, the Bloodhounds should have a shotgun attached to the middle gun at all times.

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Gamers can choose between Hemlock, R99, or R301 for their mid-range weapon. Ideally, Apex players will be able to download Mastiff and a gun fight within 15 meters. However, Wingman and EVA-8 can work effectively in close proximity. While there is no unused character of the character in Apex, players will get the best out of Apex Legends Bloodhound with a short and medium combo.

Use this guide for Apex Legends Bloodhound, until then happy gaming.