Outriders Guide for the Top 10 Devastator Tank Build | Unlocking Tips

If you want to have a detailed knowledge on the best Devastator Tank Build in outriders, this guide is for you.

Outriders Best Devastator Tank Build Guide

Devastator Tanks Ideal or Not:

In Outriders, you would broadly find 4 unique classes of devastator tanks. If you are looking forward to play using a tank,  then it would be ideal for both solo and team games. The Devastator tank is built such that it absorbs and creates maximum damage to the opponent as a result of which you get powerful inside the game. You can have a look at the below tanks and their characteristics to help yourself with tanks in Outriders.

How to Build Best Devastator Tanks in Outriders

Best Devastator Tank Build in Outriders:

We will discuss different versions of the best devastator build-in outriders, the skills, and a few more details. Here are the three skills discussed here.

  • Golem: it helps in damage reduction by 65% for eight seconds
  • Reflect Bullets: It helps to reflect all projectiles at enemies.
  • Impale: This skill allows to hit enemies with large spikes from the ground, inflicting Bleed. The lethal damage caused by this skill grants bonus armor and health regen to nearby allies.

Best Devastator Tank Build in Outriders

Best Devastator Tank Class Tree:

Here is a list of the best Devastator tank class tree, which primarily deals with the Seismic Shifter path.

  • Anomaly Power: It increases 6% of random power.
  • Endless Tremors: It provides SEISMIC skill cooldown up to 15%.
  • Anomaly Reservoir: It can increase your anomaly power by 6%.
  • Paladin: It helps in activating a Protection Skill and increases 45% of the Anomaly Power for five seconds.
  • Perpetual Motion: It provides a 15% Kinetic skill cooldown.
  • Anomaly Reservoir: It helps to increase the anomaly power by 6%.
  • Stone Circle: It can increase the distance or Close Range by 4m.
  • Through the Mob: It would help increase the Armor by 7% for each enemy in Close Range.
  • Anomaly Bullets: It would enable you to increase Firepower by 15% of your Anomaly Power.
  • Endless Tremors: This one provides a 15% SEISMIC skill cooldown.

Best Devastator Tank Class Tree of Outriders

The Basic Tank Structures:

Outriders is a looting-shooting RPG game and just like any other game that includes tanks,  this game also has a greater advantage on using tanks. As stated above, there are three skills and 10 tanks listed here that may help you to know and choose your tanks better. Tanks are better because they provide resistance against the damage caused by opponents and at the same time they also make you offend better. Thus,  we hope that this list would be useful for your information.

Outriders Basic Tank Structures