BitLife Guide to Live 120+ Years | Easy Tips

If you want to live long for upto 120 plus years in BitLife, you must go through this savvy guide.

BitLife Guide to Live 120 Years

It’s not that difficult to live a few more years in BitLife. All you need is to have perfect stats and a bit of lady luck on your side. Although it is not sure if this works 100%, as long as you follow the steps correctly, it’s going to work fine and you can increase your span by a few years.  The maximum recorded age till now is 121 years and it can still increase more.

How to live 120 years old in BitLife

Things to Focus for Living 120+ Years in BitLife:

If you are willing to make sure that you live a long life in BitLife, then maximize your Health, Looks, Smarts, and Happiness in the game.  These are the four pillars that would help you to grow old to your maximum span. Here are few tips to make them reach maximum.

  • Happiness: You can increase the happiness bar by watching a lot of movies, moving out for vacations, and spending quality time with your family.  These are the basics in life to be happy. You can adapt yourself to perform activities that come underbody and mind self-improvement section.
  • Diets: Diet is always an important point to stay fit and live long. Here are two types of diets that one needs in the game.
    1.  South Beach Diet:  It helps to increase Happiness and Looks.
    2.  Mediterranean Diet: increases It helps to increase Happiness and Health.
  • Looks: Although looks depends on your genetics, you probably can alter your style to look better. You can do two things to alter and enhance your looks in the game. You can join the gum and get plastic surgery. Your looks may reach another level if you do Liposuction.
  • Smarts: You can raise the smart bar by studying and going to university. Genetics also play an important part, however efforts by individual also plays an equal role. Visit the library often, watch documentaries to learn new things, study hard and sincere in university.
  • Health: You can check your health in BitLife by visiting the doctor periodically and not neglecting your appointment especially when you are sick. Living a simple life with one job also helps in keeping healthy. Stress and anxiety may effect your health. Thus one job role will allow to stay focussed and relaxed at the same time.

So, this is all that you need to keep a track of to earn the Geriatric Ribbon in BitLife. If you follow these tips, then you may be able to increase your life span till 121 years.

Bitlife guide to live 120 years