How to Defeat Martha the Dragoon in Bravely Default 2

Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon

Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon: Bravely Default 2 and its predecessor are notorious for having fancy and fancy boss fights, luckily Martha Dragoon is not that. While he is in a very direct battle, he too is not weak. Like the war game manager of the latest game, it still works well.

He’s a great injury dealer alongside being an enemy who wants to bring down a player often. His departure makes him a tough enemy to beat without proper knowledge of his character and what he can do. Here we will talk about Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon departure, his weaknesses, and what will work best for him.

Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon

Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon

Martha Dragoon has five steps to change.

Angon – This attack causes damage to one target while completely ignoring their weapons.

Jump – Causes Martha to jump into the sky doing great damage to one target after a late return

Sonic Thrust – This attack hits the entire player’s team.

Soul Crush – This attack damages one target and causes their Parliament at the same time. This attack will counteract any damaging skills a player has.

Thunder Thrust – This attack transmits lightning damage to a single target.

Of all the movements, the one you have to be aware of is Soul Crush Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon. This is because it targets the target Parliament. This will keep many classes of players from attacking Martha at all. If a player has a damaging ability after being hit by Soul Crush, their Member of Parliament will be completely discharged. In line with this, the only real weakness Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon has is fire damage. Because of this, there are two main ways to fight against Martha, which can be combined.

Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon

Strategy One: Dual Stream

Because Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon is weak in the fire, players can use this with a mage or two at their party. Using the red mage extracted by the Black mage subclass together will allow them to use a special Dualcasting skill. This allows the mage to throw free spelling over their other attacks that would not be Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon’s counter.

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Strategy 2: Non-Parliamentary Classes

There are a few categories that can still attack without using Parliament. Most used by Beastmaster, Salve-Maker, and Gambler. The Beastmaster is the most useful of the three though, Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon as they were able to collect Skeleton and use their Flesh Flayer ability which can be used in conjunction with Off the Leash to deal with 9,999 damage damage per hit.

Use this strategies to defeat Braverly Default 2 Martha Dragon, Until then happy gaming.