Call of Duty: Warzone – What Does the New Skull Icon Mean?

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COD Warzone Skull Icon: Contaminations levels in Call of Duty: Warzone have been steadily rising over the past few weeks, and have finally reached 100%. Players who have been in the game since then may have noticed that there is a skull icon in the upper right corner of their screens, and its meaning may not be immediately apparent. For those fans who want to know more about this icon in COD Warzone Skull Icon this guide contains full details.

COD Warzone Skull Icon

COD Warzone Skull Icon Meaning

To get to it, the number next to the new COD Warzone Skull Icon shows how many player-controlled Zombies roam the CoD: Warzone map Indeed, it is now possible for fans to turn into living dead, and players can keep tabs on how Verdansk got in by looking at this icon. While that information may not always be helpful, it will at least give fans a better sense of the nature of their game.

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If Call of Duty: Warzone Player is interested in contributing to the figure displayed next to the new COD Warzone Skull Icon, then they simply need to die in the radiant areas that appear as red circles on the map. Currently, these locations are located in Shipwrere and the prison, and fans who expire at one of these locations will return as Zombies. Significantly, at least one team member needs to stay alive for this to work, so it is unlikely that he will turn into a zombie when he plays alone.

COD Warzone Skull Icon


Speaking of playing like a zombie to get COD Warzone Skull Icon, they control as they did during the CoD: Warzone Haunting of Verdansk event that took place in October last year. This means that zombies also have loaded bags, a Gas Grenade, and an EMP Blast, and their enemy locations are also constantly highlighted. In addition, the zombies are not disturbed by lightning clouds currently coming from across Verdansk, which offers a unique opportunity.

The last thing you can say is that the COD Warzone Skull Icon and Zombies controlled by the players are not the only things added to this game where the pollution levels reach 100%, as there is also a new weapon of discovery. That weapon is Call of Duty: Warzone Sykov’s rifle, and it looks like he’s got a real fist. For those fans who want to unlock this new gun, that’s as easy as getting four kills while using guns in five different games.

Use this guide to know the meaning of COD Warzone Skull Icon, until then happy gaming.