Warzone: How To Unlock The Sykov Pistol

COD Warzone Sykov Pistol

COD Warzone Sykov Pistol: Sykov is an extremely powerful gun in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone which has completely investigated the meta. Many refer to Sykov as ‘broken’, which means you really need it in your upload. Here’s everything you need to be able to unlock Sykov’s gun in Warzone.

COD Warzone Sykov Pistol

How to Unlock COD Warzone Sykov Pistol

COD Warzone Sykov Pistol is unlocked by completing a particular challenge for many players today or at Warzone. Players must find four deadly guns in five different games. That means you need to get twenty kills, with a four-point limit in one game, to unlock Sykov.

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How to Find a Simple Gun Kills

If you have a Modern War, then the easiest way to complete this challenge is for most players. There are many maps that will make it much easier to find COD Warzone Sykov Pistol, such as Shipment and Shoot House. Just get in the gun and get into arguments to get an easy killing.

COD Warzone Sykov Pistol

If you only access Warzone, then this challenge will be even more difficult. Plunder is your best option because you can reproduce with your loadout and regain it when you die. Create a powerful gun class and treat Plunder as if it were Team Deathmatch to prioritize those gun killers to get COD Warzone Sykov Pistol.

This challenge will be even more difficult in Warzone’s Bat Royale mode, as you’ll have one life (or two if you win in Gulag) to get all four kills you need in the game. The best way to complete a challenge in Battle Royale is to try all kills when the game starts so that your opponents can use the first shot again.

You can also stay on the plane until you are forced to get out at the end to see if there are any inactive teams. They’ll go down a bit by parachute down the edge of the map, where you can find easy kills and get COD Warzone Sykov Pistol.

COD Warzone Sykov Pistol

You Can Follow the Progress

As always, you can track your progress for this unlock challenge. To see how close you are to unlock Sykov, go to the upload menu and open the second weapons tab. Find COD Warzone Sykov Pistol among the list of Guns and it will show the progress of your challenge.

Use this guide to get COD Warzone Sykov Pistol, until then happy gaming.