Demon’s Souls – How to Get the Large Sword of Moonlight

Demon's Soul Sword of Moonlight

Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight: For those fans who have played the Black Spirits franchise before gaining their first experience with Demon Spirits, it will not take long to see what effect this article had on its fan base. Between the standard tone and the mechanics, there is a similarity, and this extends to the weapons and their objects. Significantly, one of the most historic weapons in the history of the occult has its origin here, albeit with a different name. Players can get the Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight, later called the Moonlight Greatsword in Dark Souls games, early if they have the courage to face the Swamp of Sorrow.

Demon's Soul Sword of Moonlight

Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight

Due to the non-linear progression of the Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight, it is possible that Swamp of Sorrow may be the third place players are testing. The first one should always be the Gates in Boltaria, but otherwise the players are free to choose which Archstones they want to face first. In the fifth Archstone, also known as Chieftan Archstone, players will face this infamous venue after defeating Leechmonger’s manager.

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Once in the Tribulation Swamp, players will have to progress at a normal level until they reach two Big Cheats. These enemies block the path to the fog door that leads to the entire level for Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight, but instead the players will want to turn left into the swamp. While avoiding flying bugs, players must encounter a road leading to the top that seems to be full of slugs. Follow this method to find a nest made or filled with slugs.

Demon's Soul Sword of Moonlight



This nest is a source of unimaginable slugs that players may have passed before. Hit it a few times and it will eventually cross the lower swamp. This time, go back in the same direction and return to this place with the slugs. There will be a large number of enemies, so players will need to be careful to get Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight, but pull them all out and a reward will be waiting. After defeating all the slugs (Firestorm does wonders here), Sword Large of Moonlight is free to apply.

Like other swords, Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight is mostly magical. To use this weapon, players only need a Magic stat of 24 or higher, and this will also help in using its S utility to Magic. Finally, without resorting to magic on the enemy, the attack on the weapon could not be stopped by the shield, making it more useful to the enemy tanks.

Use this article to get Demon’s Soul Sword of Moonlight, Until then happy Gaming.