How to Defeat The Final Boss in Desperados 3

Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss

Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss: Exploring the world of Desperados 3 is a thrilling experience. While many games of this style tend to be medieval legends, this one instead allows the player to control a group of shooters in the Wild West. Players will need to use their special skills and guns if they want to survive until the end of the game.

Without a doubt one of the most difficult aspects of this game however is the final fight against the last boss Frank. Frank himself does not cause much trouble, but the players will be forced to remove all his sticks without being seen. If they cannot do this they will not be able to complete the task. This guide shows the players how to beat Frank Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss.


Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss Frank

Undoubtedly this is one of the toughest battles in this game as players will need to bring down some enemies before they can Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss Frank. The problem with this fight is that Cooper is standing in the middle of the area across from Frank in the fight.

Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss

If any of the players are spotted or saved in any way Frank will immediately kill Cooper. To solve this battle the players will first need to take down all the common enemies nearby, then send powerful blue enemies, and then Cooper will be able to control Frank for Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss.

The first thing players will want to do is look at the gate in front of them. There are two men going up and down in front of them. The player will want to jump and use Hector to bring down both men at the same time, and then hide both bodies. To Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss From here Hector should go left to hide in some bushes and drop off a nearby guard.

Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss

The actor will then want to take Issabelle up the stairs to the top of the church and wait. From here the player has to carry McCoy, up the stairs, but not up yet. They will be able to get rid of the enemy that depends on the chimney first.

They can quickly climb the stairs to have Isabelle, and then work with her to bring the other two men up for a week for Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss. McCoy will then need to get down and walk left towards the broken cart. If it is covered behind the broken car the player can make a noise to attract the last enemy towards them before taking him out.

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This simply leaves eight blue enemies for the player to lower, which will need to be done simultaneously. Players will need to move Isabelle to the top right of the area where she can prepare to kill the two up here.

He can hide behind a large tombstone here and prepare for attack. The player will be able to take Hector to the left side where he is able to shoot the enemy at all four enemies on the left side of the circle. The only thing they have to do is make sure their index highlights all four enemies.

With this done the player has to have McCoy point at one of the opponents on the right side and Kate can go up and point at the end of the opponent. When all the characters are in position, the player can then begin to retrieve and bring in all eight at once, and Cooper can kill Frank without any problems.

So Use this article as a guide to Desperados 3 Defeat Final Boss, until then happy gaming.