Destiny 2 How to Complete The Moon Override Mission

destiny 2 season of the splicer override

Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission: Guards at Destiny 2 are passing through the Vex Network in an effort to end the endless night that is currently plaguing Last City. With the help of Mithrax and his experience as Sacred Splicer, Destiny 2’s Guardians hope to let the sunlight shine again with Last City.

Vex Networks is in many places in Destiny 2 and so far, the Guardians have passed one place and defeated the Network defender. This week, the Guardians are trying to get to the Moon in an attempt to join the Vex Network, but some Guards may need to know how to complete the Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission.

Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission

Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission

Most importantly, this Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission is similar to the one in Europe, however, the Guardians will need to bring the anti-Barrier and unchallenged modstable Champions to this Override area. Other effective modifiers are the Martyr and Fire Pit, which give explosive units extra life and cause Acolytes to emit fire pools when defeated.

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The first part of the Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission is similar to Destiny 2 Europa Override; defeat enemies, collect motes, bank motes in spire. Monitors should familiarize themselves with the process now and be able to complete this part easily.

Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission

As soon as the Vex Network opens, the Guardies will face a jumping puzzle, as in the Europa Override last week in Destiny 2. Once the Guardians have completed the navigation puzzle they will meet the new Destiny 2 boss, Portunos, the controlled mind. Thankfully this new Vex manager is no other Wyvern.

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Portunos is a large Vex Minotaur with a slightly different mechanic than the European Sub-Mind, Tacitas in Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission. Like Tacitas, Portunos has three parts to its health bar and each break has its own mechanic. The Portunos will send the Guardian to a different part of the Vex Network.

When a teleport is sent, the Guardians will have to complete a small jump puzzle, blocked by Vex’s white bars, then find square Vex cubes and shoot them to the ground, disabling the barrier. In this small jump puzzle the strikers will face Scytale who will need to be defeated before lowering the next obstacle in Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission. The teleport mechanic reminds Atheon’s teleport mechanic at the Vault of Glass Raid.

Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission

Once Scytale is defeated, lower the barrier, take the Data Spike, cut off the portal, and insert the Data Spike into the Vex spire. Keep damaging Portunos until the next break in its health bar when it sends a player back to the player. Guards will be transferred twice in this boss fight before they defeat the Subjugated Mind, the Portunos completes Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission.

There will be another Destiny 2 release next week on Tangled Shore, so the Guardians should expect another Humble Mind of that area. The new Destiny 2 Weekly Pinnacle Mission will also arrive next week, giving the Guardians more things to do.

Use this guide for Destiny 2 Moon Override Mission, Until then happy gaming.