Destiny 2: How To Find The Trove Guardian

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian: Shadowkeep was released a few years ago, extending the entire Destiny 2 playground to the moon. Updates include a host of new requirements, items, and events to be completed. However, by 2023, many players are reporting issues with specific search objectives. One of the objectives is to find the Trove Guardian during the “Memory of Toland” quest.

Some players wait many hours to receive the Terror Guardian, while others say the chest will not give birth once they have lost. This guide will look at demands and other possible solutions to these problems. I hope, in the right way, athletes will be able to follow in the direction of the Destiny 2 Trove Guardian which is not easily accessible.

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian

How to Find Destiny 2 Trove Guardian

Search These Three Places

Despite all claims that the Living Destiny 2 Trove Guardian will not reproduce, the NPC will create one-third. The three locations are Anchor of Light, Archer’s Line, and Hellmouth. Specific breeding grounds are described in detail below.

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Light Anchor

Gamers often check out Anchor of Light on the Moon after they start breeding. To get to the Destiny 2 Trove Guardian, people have to follow the path to the right from where they breed. The route will take northeast observers to the Anchor of Light.

As soon as a location indicator appears, the Terror Guardian will appear near the road. If the Destiny 2 Trove Guardian breeds here, people will have no problem seeing him. The enemies will be on the left and will start attacking him.

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian

Archer’s Line

The closest to the Trove Guardian is located south of Archer’s Line. Guardian can be found near the edge of the crevasse that separates the birthplace from the sinners.

As we head north, observers will cross a small bridge and see a large painting on the right. As soon as you cross the bridge, gamers have to follow a small fork on the right. Near the end of the broken path in the archery line, players will see the Destiny 2 Trove Guardian.

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The final breeding ground for the Terror Guardian will be in Hellmouth. Guards must head north through Archer’s line if they do not see the Destiny 2 Trove Guardian.

As soon as the players enter the road leading east to Hellmouth, they will cross a gap or jump along the way. The Destiny 2 Trove Guardian breeds somewhere near the site. The enemy is usually on the right side of the road just after the gap.

Destiny 2 trove guardian

What to Do If the Keeper Is Not Born

A few years ago there was speculation that the Guardian-born area was circling week by week. Users have been camping for an hour or more. No one should wait an hour before the enemy is born in Destiny 2. Instead, check all three NPC locations.

If the Destiny 2 Trove Guardianis not born, reloading at the Moon display may work. People who have not yet been able to get the Trove Guardian evasive can walk to each location and wait a few minutes. If the enemy is not born, move on to the next area. Waiting for a few minutes will probably always start with the NPC emerging.

When all else fails to find Destiny 2 Trove Guardian, reset the game and try again. Traveling to a different planet / moon is another way to reset the AI ​​to each location in Destiny 2. Finding this NPC can be frustrating, but it will eventually appear in those who are constantly persevering and wandering between these three existing locations.

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian

Guardians may find it easy to use Warlock, but any class can make a break. For the next platform to work, users must navigate to the edge of the platform on which they stand. There are a total of seven platforms in the puzzle. Chest is in the final stage. Each chest will drop Glimmer, Moon armor and weapons, and Phantasmal Fragments.

Use this guide to find Destiny 2 Trove Guardian, Until then happy gaming.