Dying Light 2: Easy Guide to Unlock Center For Stage IV!!!

This Dying Light 2 guide will help you to clear the center for Stage IV, if you are one of the trouble finder then have a look to it.


Dying Light 2, Unlock Center For Stage IV – Hello gamers last time we helped you in defeating the Runner in double time. This time we are back again to take you on the journey of smoothly clearing and unlocking center for stage 4. Multiple inhibitors at one location taunt gamers in Dying Light 2.


Players give up before even seeing inside of the centre. It’s possible to enter even if you haven’t unlocked any of the game’s greatest parkour skills. Aiden only needs the correct angle on the building and the right time of day to complete his mission. Wait for nighttime to enter the building since there are simply too many enemies during the day. Then, coming in from the west, climb the scaffolding and damaged billboard. There will be an area with a UV light for Aiden to activate at the top. As players descend the next several floors, this will serve as a base.


The aim of this tutorial is to walk a player through the game without any upgrades. Those using Stab, on the other hand, should feel free to silently sneak up on each enemy in the following levels. Players that have mastered the best combat skills might be even more rash and fight anything that moves.

Aiden will find himself in yet another room, this time occupied by zombies dressed in scrubs. Two doors, like the one in the previous chamber, are present and both are locked. The one on the right, on the other hand, can be plucked open. The first inhibitor is found inside. Unlock the last three doors to create a convenient shortcut for future visits through this area.



There is a broken GRE door on the way back to the second level. Check the other side of the door if the key doesn’t work; Aiden could be able to push it open.

Return to a crouch and proceed to the left. It is possible to pick open the broken door. Inside is the GRE cache; open it and take the inhibitor. There’s only one more to go. Those that have learned weapon modification can once again kill everyone on the level, but Aiden can remain silent just as easily. Turn around, open the door, and go in the direction of the yellow pipe. There are no blockades this time; just be aware of the zombies in the next several rooms, who will frighten Aiden if he comes too close.



It’s great to see a GRE door that actually works with the key. Open it up, then follow the yellow tube down the hallway. It bends to the left and goes to a broken door. Rather than walking through this door, jump to a ledge on the wall right above another one. Stay calm because there are more zombies here. Unfortunately, there is a zombie Goon on the bottom floor who is wide awake and pacing. This movement must be properly timed; if he spots Aiden, he’ll warn all the zombies, and players will have to use the UV room shortcut to reset the room.

Dying Light 2 Clear The Center For Stage IV THV Study

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