Easy Guide to Complete Boc Questline in Elden Ring!

In Elden Ring, Boc's Questline is the Seamster's questline. This will basically provides the legendary outfits. Read out to know more


Hello gamers, we are back with another tutorial on BOC’s questline. A free garment changing facility is there provided where players can have very cool and trendy outfits in the game. As many players may know that Boc is a seamster who is a half-human yet very intelligent being in the game. He is equipped with many advanced communications and artisanship.

About BOC Questline in Elden Ring:

Players will face him on the main way to East Limgrave which is not much far from the Birdseye telescope of Lake Agheel. At first, he will be seen as a small tree in the game and not at all very furious. Players seeking to complete the challenge must listen to the voice and find him and remove him from the curse. After which players have to talk to the tree and then they will be awarded 10 mushrooms as a gift for his freedom.

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While talking with the player, the tree mentions that if the player will find his lost items from the cave, then he will gift something more to the player. From there, players must go to the beach grotto’s site of grace in order to complete the quest.

How to Complete Boc Questline:

Players who are seeking Boc Questline must-visit, few locations in order to complete the quest.

  • One is Lake Facing Cliffs in South Liurnia.
  • The second is in the East capital Rampart of Lyendellthird comes Atlus Highway Junction of its plateau.
  • The last comes the East Raya Lucaria Gate of North Liurnia.

The protagonist speaks of any of these spots and will give access to a free garment changing facility. Then players must search for the Golden Sewing Needle in the chest located at the Church of Vows. Secondly, they have to buy a piece of demigod armor which is available at the Roundtable Hold. At last, speak with Melina and discuss Boc Questline. After completing these things, there can be two ways to end the quests. Give Larval Tear to convert into human or by stating that he is beautiful through prattling prate.

How to Complete Boc the Seamster Quest in Elden Ring

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