WWE 2K22: Easy Guide to Reverse All Ground Attacks!

In WWE 2K22, if you want to do reverse mechanics then this guide is for you.

wwe-2k22-ground attacks

Playing around in WWE 2K22 is quite fun and you can also use certain techniques to reverse the ground attack of your enemies here’s how you can do it as this may help this in your next match as being on the receiving end of the ground attack is not a good idea so getting a chance of reversal will help you to attain an extra chance to fight your opponent. keep scrolling below to know all the tricks.

WWE-2K22-Revamped-Physics-Rock-Cena Keep in mind to practice, as this requires a lot of experience and skills. But we are sure that in WWE 2K22, you can achieve that with a little bit of our help you also need to predict when these moves are coming to you so you can have a better reflex and chance for the reversal.


How to Reverse Various Ground Attacks in WWE 2K22:

  • For grounded running attacks – press Y or the triangle button on time.
  • For ground submission moves(in WWE 2K22) – press Y or triangle.
  • Light and strong attacks can be performed by X/square or A/X.

  • Grounded attacks can be performed by B/square / grab button one of the most difficult attack to counter but in order to you need to predict the right time for the attack by using these buttons – tap X continuously if the opponent is attacking with X move.
  • If the opponent gets a hold of you for a long period of time use the dragging mechanics.
  • Ground escape attacks- This can only be performed if you have a full blue bar and the opponent’s close to the grounded wrestler. This can be used to prevent from getting pinned or even kicking the opponent on their head.


Do share this with other friends to help them dodge the opponent’s attack. You will also like to read about creating a survivor series match.