Elden Ring: Easy Guide to Unlock Vyke’s War Spear!

In Elden Ring, if you want get the Vyke's War Spear to build Madness. You must Follow this easy guide.

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Unlock Vyke’s War Spear in Elden Ring– Well who doesn’t want to own a weapon that can wreck havoc well if you are playing Elden ring you can certainly go for the Vyke’s war spear keep scrolling this article below to know how you can own a Vyke’s war spear

Vyke’s War Spear in Elden Ring:

It comes along with frenzyflame Thrust as it’s a special skill, on being struck to the ground it creates a huge explosion, so if you are going to use this beast be careful as it certainly destroys the opponent. Somber smithing stones can be used to level up this weapon.

vykes-feature Here’s How to Get Vyke’s War Spear in Elden Ring:

You need to defeat Festering fingerprint Vyke at the church of inhibition, which upon defeat drops the spear. This church can be found in the northern parts of Liurnia of lakes, located southwest of the Grandlift of Dectus.

It’s better to go to the church through the Grandlift of Dectus rather than Mausoleum compound site of lost grace because by choosing the later alternative you might end up either at Minor Erdtree or Black knife catacombs.

What to Do with Vyke’s War Spear:

Upon reaching the Grand lift of Dectus site of Lost grace you need to go downstairs towards the southwest then turn southeast keep on running till you find a corpse holding a smith-stone lying on the ground there you’ll be under attack of the frenzy flaming tower. To pass this out you need to head more south and stand by the side of the Elden Ring Erdtree leaf crafting material, keep on moving southeast till you see a broken wall. Move past this wall and head west there you’ll be able to find two shacks there you’ll see a house, thereafter you need to climb a small slope.

Elden Ring How To Get Vyke’s War Spear

Upon climbing this slope towards your right will be the frenzy flaming tower and Northwest will be the church of inhibition, keep on heading in the same direction to go inside the church where upon entering you’ll be attacked by Festering fingerprint Vyke which upon defeating will reward you.


  • Furlcalling finger Remedy.
  • Fingerprint Grape.
  • The awaited Vyke’s war spear.


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