Elden Ring: Guide to the Best Hero Build

If you want to build the best hero in Elden Ring, then you landed on the best place.

Elden-Ring-best-hero build

Hello gamers, we hope you’re doing great. Today, we are back with amazing content in the game Elden Ring. In this tutorial, we will guide on how a best hero build can be created in Elden Ring. So in the game, it is very basic and one way to build a best Hero. It is for both the novice and the skilled soul players that they can make a strong character.


A Best Hero in Elden Ring:

Making a best Hero build is basically not that difficult in Elden Ring. With a knowledge of this, the players can have a fast mover advantage by making a good class choice for those who are not much experienced in the Souls games. For a skilled player, it can also be nice because some players focus on the narrative details instead of technical aspects. This will help the players to set up the best Hero Build for a barbarian who can attack and defend massively.

Build the Best Hero Class:

By playing the game players increase the stats of their Hero and it is very much helpful if they invest those stats into Hero’s intellect, faith, and dexterity. This will also allow access to some of the weapons. Those weapons and gear require both dexterity and faith a bit more compared to intellect. In the game, one of the weapons which needs higher intellect to use is Moonveil Katana. Also for any other Hero, it is a good weapon because of its durability, strength, and intellect. But, the best Hero build revolves around two-handed war hammers and greatswords.

Elden-Ring-best-hero build


Along with that, there are also a few Talisman options that a player can use to make a best Hero build. With them players expect their Hero to have better stamina and stamina regeneration. Players should also take a not on strengths and endurance.

Elden Rings best hero build

At last, there are the availability of several different Ashes of War in Elden Ring that players can use in this build. To find the best among them, players need to use wild Strikes and War Cry.