Elden Ring – Easy Guide to Get Lusat’s Glintstone Staff!

In Elden Ring if you want to perform sling spells, then you need to look out on Lusat's Glintstone Staff. Just check this guide to know more.


Get Lusat’s Glintstone Staff – When it comes to magic in the Game, Elden Ring players have a ton of options to choose from as there are a lot of different kinds of magic that can be found here as well as learned being a player you also can choose from various summons and incarnations but in order to perform these magics you will need staff and in this article, we’ll tell you how to get the Lusat’s staff, just keep scrolling and this Staff will be yours.

elden-ring-lusat staff guide Why go for the Lusat’s Staff?

As you know even if it comes to the option of choosing staff there’s an endless variety of options to choose from and amongst this choice of options, there’s the Lusat’s Glintstone staff having a high scale sorcery Damage and not only that ranking for intelligence is quite high as well both of these combined makes this a good staff of choice but only if you are capable enough to bear the increased FP consumption in turn for higher damage to the opponents.


Lusat’s Glintstone Staff Location in Elden Ring:

Firstly you need to venture to Caelid. To reach the Town of sorcery Sellia a number of ways can be found and within is the town you’ll be able to find the staff that you are looking for. You need to look out for a chest, not any chest a specific kind of chest found in the Dragon-burnt ruins in the lime grave which transports you to the Sellia crystal tunnel, upon exiting this you will find yourself across a lake. This marks the start of your journey.

Alternatively, you can go and enter the Caelid itself and move forward within the town to look out for the staff you can enter the town using an open gate in the south upon reaching you’ll need to complete the Barrier puzzle in order to have an entry to the boss fight against the Noxswordstress as well as the Nox Priest. Upon defeating them you can move to the mausoleum of sorts that’s located at the North end of the Arena and there you’ll find a chest containing the staff you want to possess.


Hope you get this staff as quickly as possible and don’t forget to help your friends in getting theirs as well by sharing this article. Also, read the guide on finding fingerprint stone shield in Elden Ring.