FIFA 21: Best Young Players To Buy In Career Mode

FIFA 21 Best Young Players

FIFA 21 Best Young Players: If you play Career Mode in FIFA 21, you will be looking for new top players. These players can stay with you for many seasons, and they will improve and improve as the game progresses.

Some may be good victims, while others may be bankers but will pay back the investment in spades as the years go by. Here, we have suggested one of the FIFA 21 Best Young Players and one hidden gem, as well as a few options for each location.



The superstar youngster among the sticks should be Gianluigi Donnarumma, who pretends to be Buffon’s throne. The AC Milan striker has an average of 85 goals at just 21 years of age, as well as 92 strengths, which means he could be the ‘best goalkeeper in the game and considered to be FIFA 21 Best Young Players.

He’ll call you anyway. Currently, the cheapest option is Maarten Vandevoort. The Genk goalkeeper is only 18 years old, and has a total current number of 68, though that could quickly rise to 87. He is a thief, and he can be a hater of the world. Lucas Chevalier, Nico Mantal, Diogo Costa, and Fortuna should also be on your radar.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Club: AC Milan

Age: 21

Overall: 85

Potential: 92

Price: £37m

He has the most important young goalkeeper in FIFA 21. His strength puts him in his league, and with the right development, he will soon have one of the best goals in the world in your hands. His jumping and turnout figures make him the keeper who has to release defensive bail over and over again. He is considered to be FIFA 21 Best Young Players.


Maarten Vandevoort

Club: Genk

Age: 18

Overall: 68

Potential: 87

Price: £1.4m

Although it looks like it has just come out of kindergarten, Vandevoort for Children is one of the most promising keepers you can buy this year. Seeing that Maarten’s power is in the high 80s, his low transaction price makes him a complete thief. Go for him if you looking for cheap options to buy FIFA 21 Best Young Players.

FIFA 21 Best Young Players


If you break the bank for the FIFA 21 Best Young Players, Piemonte Calcio (that’s Juventus) CB Matthijs De Ligt and Bayern Munich’s LB Alphonso Davies should be your goals. Both are rated 85 now, and both could rise to 92 overall.

However, Davies is usually cheaper, younger, and can play in the middle of the pitch, so he may be the one to go to. Meanwhile, Celtic RWB’s Jeremie Frimpong, with a current rating of 70 and 87 power, is a discounted price, often costing between 5-10 million pounds. Nuno Mendes, William Saliba, Reece James, Eduardo Quaresma, and Ozan Kabak who signed for Liverpool should also be considered as best defender for FIFA 21 Best Young Players.

Matthijs De Ligt

Club: Piemonte Calcio

Position: CB

Age: 20

Overall: 85

Potential: 92

Value: £44m

Probably the most sought-after young defender in world football – we’ve seen him cost as much as £ 95m in our Career Mode. You will need a budget equal to Chelsea if you are to award this right to the next generation center back from Juventus. Sorry, sorry… ‘Piedmont Calcio’. De Ligt benefits greatly from the stability, responsiveness and accuracy of the title, which makes him an outstanding, aggressive defender makes him FIFA 21 Best Young Players.

FIFA 21 Best Young Players

Nuno Mendes

Club: Sporting CP

Position: LWB, LM

Age: 18

Overall: 72

Potential: 87

Value: £5.5m

The left-hand side of Sporting has a £ 12.3m enticing clause. If your club has money and you want a high-speed left-handed demon with a high roof, you should remove him from the hands of the Portuguese side.

FIFA 21 Best Young Players


Jadon Sancho is the obvious highlight here as the FIFA 21 Best Young Players. The Borussia Dortmund winger can play RM, LM, or CAM, and is already rated at 87 in just 20 years, with 93 power. It will cost north of £ 100 million if you want him in your team. Inexpensive options can be found at Sancho’s team-mate Ferran Torres in Man City, and at potential partners at Man UTD, Mason Greenwood.

Both Torres and Greenwood can play RM or earlier, while Torres is also listed as LM. The 20-year-old Torres has a current 81-footer with a power of 89, which seems kind in view of how little we have seen in him at City. Greenwood, despite doing spectacularly two years ago, is only 77 years old, although he shares Torres’ 89 powers makes him FIFA 21 Best Young Players.

Jadon Sancho

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Position: RM, LM, CAM

Age: 20

Overall: 87

Potential: 93

Value: £111.5m

One of the best Europe’s most attacking players, Man Utd has been craving this amazing English talent for a while now. If your club has a transfer budget that could make Sheikh Mansour win, Sancho with eagle eyes could be your real big release, he is FIFA 21 Best Young Players.

FIFA 21 Best Young Players

Mason Greenwood

Club: Manchester United

Position: RM, ST

Age: 18

Overall: 77

Potential: 89

Value: £13.1m

The midfielder on the right side impresses with both his sprint speed and shooting power hitting the net. His rating could give him one of the highest scores in the game. If you have money to buy FIFA 21 Best Young Players, you will be wise to build the right side of your attack near Greenwood.

FIFA 21 Best Young Players


There are two clear signs of the future of the outstanding FIFA 21 Best Young Players, using these two youngsters to challenge the strangling of Messi and Ronaldo on the ‘world’ best label. The two are apparently Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland, although the money is nothing, they bet on a farm in Mbappe in FIFA 21. The French striker has a current 90-point mark, and has the potential to excel in the game at the age of 95.

However, it will cost more than $ 100 million. Meanwhile, while Haaland’s 91-strong force is healthy, its current rating is 84. The side behind that is much cheaper than Mbappe. For more up-to-date deals on teenagers, as well as playing Torres or Greenwood on top, consider breaking down Ansu Fati of Barcelona may be FIFA 21 Best Young Players.

Kylian Mbappé

Club: Paris Saint Germain

Position: ST

Age: 21

Overall: 90

Potential: 95

Value: £94m

French megastar PSG is already a finished story – he has already won the World Cup and helped drive his Paris team back to their first Champions League final. Surprisingly, he still has room to grow, as his 95th genius sincerely proves. Measured 96 at both sprint speed and acceleration, nothing more Kylian when hitting the perfect plane he is also the best FIFA 21 Best Young Players.


Erling Haaland

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Position: ST

Age: 19

Overall: 84

Potential: 92

Value: £42m

Not only does Haaland look like little Kevin De Bruyne, he prides himself on the perfect rocket. Strong and aggressive, this tall and scary striker is likely to prove to be the most expensive of all except the richest clubs in Career Mode. If your transfer budget is incredibly large, you are definitely going to Haaland.

FIFA 21 Best Young Players

Ansu Fati

Position: LW, RW

Age: 17

Overall: 76

Potential: 90

Value: £13.5m

FIFA 21 Best Young Players

Another promising Barcelona striker deserves to be killed illegally – Ronald Koeman will hate you. Quickly and quickly, Fati is a strong complement to his balance that makes it difficult to knock the ball down. Although he is not particularly tall, his strong jump figures mean he is still an air threat.

This are some of the FIFA 21 Best Young Players, depending on availability of the budget.