Easy Guide to Find & Catch Shiny Cherubi in Pokemon Go!

In Pokemon Go, there is the sustainability week which has various ways to find this little Shiny Cherubi. Read out

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Catch Shiny Cherubi – Pokémon GO brings a ton of childhood memories and also fulfills our fantasy of being a trainer and surely you gotta catch them all including the Shiny Cherubi which you may encounter during the sustainability week 2023 beginning from 10 am on April 20 and ending on the 25th at 8 pm.

Keep in mind that it’s one in five hundred chances to get a shiny variation in the game so you got to be quite lucky. This article will help you to catch this Shiny Cherubi just keep scrolling below.

Pokemon Go How To Find Catch Shiny Cherubi 1 Bit of Preprep:

Keep in check of lures along with the Golden razz and razz berries not only this also keep a good stock of Pinap and silver Pinap berries and by doing this you are certainly giving a bump to your chances.

How to Find Cherubi:

The appearance of Shiny Cherubi will certainly be boosted during the sustainability week but you can boost your chances using the Mossy lure as this is a Shiny grass-type Pokémon.

You Need to Catch them:

You can hatch a 7km egg to get a Cherubi but it may also have other Pokémons such as Alolan Diglett, Oranguru, or Larvitar and the first three of these can be hatched even in their shiny form or you can make use of the field research during this you may also get to face other grass types.

Shiny Cherubi and Cherrim in Pokemon Go

Hope you have a good sustainability week and get hold of that cute little Shiny Cherubi. You may also like to read more on defeating Cliff in Pokemon GO.