Genshin Impact: Easy Guide to Find Fowl | 100% Sure Locations!!!

If you want to know about the locations were you can get the Fowl in GEnshin Impact, then this guide is for you.


Finding Fowl in Genshin Impact – So here again we are back with another guide of Geshin Impact.  To be honest there are a lot of things that are unexplored in Genshin Impact. This time we are going to give you a guide on finding Fowl. So stay tuned and read the complete guide.

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This is a material that you can collect like other materials from Teyvat in Genshin Impact. It is basically a cooking ingredient but rather precious though. Other than this you will also need them in various events or in exchange for rewards and stuff. I bet you might be having a lot of fowls in your inventory. Do you remember how you have collected them? Certainly not, that’s why we are going to give you some locations where you will get them for sure.

Is it Dung?

If you see in the in-game description it says that the fowls are cooking ingredient which is dropped by animals. Is it like dung or something? It is dropped from flying creatures to be precise. There are many flying creatures in the game so you will need a character with a bow and arrow.

Genshin Impact Fowl

Finding it:

You can get fowl by killing birds in the game. You can also get those from completing expeditions or simply buying you can actually find birds everywhere but there are someplace where you can find them easily. Areas like Mondstadt, Windrose, and Lique Harbour are the places where you can find them. Killing each bird will give you 2 pieces of meat. So you can kill accordingly.



Other than that you can also obtain them from completing expeditions. There are lots of expeditions in Mondstadt. You can buy them from NPC in Springvale as well. There are certain types of chests where you can find them. Talking about recipes, there are some recipes that you can make from the fowl. They are Chicken mushroom skewer, Fruity Skewers, Dinner of Judgement, Juenyun Chili Chicken, Rockin Rifin Chicken, Sweed Madame, Triple Layered Consomme, Smoked Fowl, Golden Chicken Burger, Golden Fried Chicken.