Genshin Impact: Easy Guide to the Mimi Tomo Event | Know Unusual Hilichurl Locations

If you want to know all about the Mimi Tomo Event and the unusual Hilichurl locations in Genshin Impact, then you are on the right way.

Genshin Impact unusual hillchurl locations

Mimi Tomo Event Guide, Genshin Impact -Hello, buddy gamers. Hope you are doing great. This time we are going to cover the Mimi Tomo event In Genshin Impact. So stay tuned to know more about the event.

Mimi Tomo Event:

So Genshin Impact has brought another event in the line. It is called Mimi Tomo. This event will be started once you visit Kathryne in Mondstadt. You will have to track down Unusual Hilichurl. Tension not, we are going to guide you guys in every possible way. There are 420 Primogems in total. You can get 60 each day which makes 420 in 7 days. If you are a keen gamer and want to enjoy bits of the game then we suggest you leave the guide from here, as there will be a lot of spoilers below.

Day 1 of Mimi Tomo Event:

you will have to visit 2 Hilichurl. You need 1 fish and 1 crab, we need to follow the clues i.e Mita Movo Lata (Meat in the water) and Unta nunu (late night). The reward for the first day will be 60 Primogems.

Day 2:

In this, you will have to visit two Hilichurl. Here you will use the first Hilichurl to uncover the second part. The things that will be required are basically fighting requests. You will get clues from Unta Mosi Dada ( lunch to sunset). Here you will have to make sure that the game time should be set between 12.01 and 5 pm.

Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo Event Guide

Day 3:

Day three will be started from the storm Bearer mountains. Here you will be required a Luminescent Spine. The clues will be active in Unta nunu(late night). Completion of this event will give you 60 Primogems.

Day 4:

This event completely depends on your region. This might be active in some regions whereas inactive in some. This is completely normal. You will require a certain number of things in this. Magic crystals, Noctilucous Jade, Tomato, and Jueyun Chili. You will get your clue In between 12:00 to 18:00. You will also get 60 Primogems in here including jade and gold.


Day 5:

Here you will only require a dandelion seed. You will get your clues during Mosi Aba Nunu. Completion of this task will give you 60 Primogems including Thundering Heavens Drum Furnishing Blueprint.

So this was the whole event in a nutshell. Hope you guys like it.